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The Review

5 Reasons to Use Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix

This treatment serum is a targeted superhero. It combines all of the most effective brightening actives: salicylic acid, l-lactic acid, and countless plant-sourced elements like waltheria, whitonyl, and nonapeptides. But what do they do?

What are the 5 reasons to use Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix? Gotta warn you, you’ll be a believer by the end!

1. Exfoliation for pigmentation

How to even the skin tone is a question that plagues many all over the world. Lots of stressors can create hyperpigmentation in a previously unblemished complexion, but the main culprits are the sun (UV damage), acne scarring, and hormonal changes (due to, for example, pregnancy). But how to fix hyperpigmentation? Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix is a pretty good answer to that dilemma.This brightening serum is designed to multitask: it lifts and releases your old, damaged and pigmented skin cells and, at the same time, prevents the formation of new ones. Bonus points for smoothing your lines and creases!

2. Lactic acid & salicylic acid make a brightening serum

Everyone knows that AHA serums and BHA serums, which contain Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, are great active skincare ingredients to treat a whole gazillion of problems. And Sydney’s sweetheart esthetician, Jocelyn Petroni, confirmed it: ‘To help fade visible pigmentation at home, look for products that contain AHA’s or BHA’s’. Why is this such great news? Cosmedix Simply Brilliant has both! It’s an L-lactic acid (AHA) serum: chirally correct (read more here) and potent, lactic acid works to hydrate and resurface undamaged skin layers. It also stops your melanocytes (the skin’s darkening mechanism) from sabotaging you and creating more pigmentation. And the Salicylic acid serum part? Simply Brilliant uses this BHA to dissolve hardened, old skin cells, revealing your new and glowing skin. Cool, huh?

3. It’s a plant-based pigmentation serum

Lots of plant-sourced goodies in this formulation! For example, you’ll find Waltheria, which regulates your melanin-producing cells. Other botanical beauties are a complex of powerful Nonapeptides, which works to inhibit melanin production and accelerate new cell turnover, and Whitonyl to even out and brighten your luscious natural glow. Also? It’s gluten-free skincare, so you can use it even if you have an intolerance or allergy.

4. Simply Brilliant is skincare for acne

You can use Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix as part of your acne skincare routine. Why is this a serum for acne? First, it has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its (you guessed it) Salicylic and Lactic acids. Those two really are a powerhouse! Another calming component is natural, time-proven chamomile. Second, it helps you get rid of acne marks. Those unfortunate pigmentation zones that are left after you’ve already suffered through a blemish? Simply Brilliant targets those specifically, and you can even use it before the active blemish fades into a mark.

5. An antioxidant serum is the best serum

A-list celebrity clinical esthetician Melanie Grant said to Vogue, ‘For the daytime, prevention is key, so reaching for serums that are formulated with high-potency antioxidants is a must’. Luckily, Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix fits the bill! Its advanced formulation contains lots of plant-based goodness (see the full list of ingredients here!) to help you prevent the formation of any new UV damage and pigmentation. Important: you’ve gotta be consistent in applying your antioxidant shield!

Our verdict: we just love Simply Brilliant by Cosmedix! This brightening serum is one impressive pigmentation remedy. So, if you’re looking to even out your skin tone, reduce fine lines, and prevent new pigmentation or dark spots from appearing, Cosmedix Simply Brilliant is your pal!

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