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The Review

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Serum 16 by Cosmedix

If what we heard is true, Cosmedix Serum 16 is almost prescription strength— only, this time, you don’t need a prescription to use it.  So, to give you the best information, we took Serum 16 by Cosmedix for a ride. And we were thrilled to find that this one really is an awesome, wonderfully rejuvenating anti-aging serum.

Read the 5 reasons why you should be using Cosmedix Serum 16

1. Radical balancing of cell renewal

It’s a known fact that, as skin gets prematurely damaged or ages naturally, its renewal rate (how fast old & dead skin cells get replaced by healthy, new ones) slows down dramatically. Leading skin specialist Diana Howard, Ph.D., says it clearly: ‘Studies indicate that the epidermal turnover rate slows from 30-50% between our thirties and eighties’. It’s even worse when external factors (UV damage, smoking, etc.) come into play. Serum 16 by Cosmedix helps you restore that quick bouncing-off ability that youthful skin always possesses. Some of its key components, 16% LG-Retinex and Squalene, can boast an impressive ability to normalise cell turnover rates. What this means for you— with this anti-age serum, you can take control and balance the renewal of your skin, keeping it smooth, bright, and firm.

2. Best rejuvenating serum for normal to dry skin

If your skin type is normal or dry, or if you’ve just gotten off your digital nomad jet and are looking to balance your now-dry skin, Serum 16 by Cosmedix is now your best friend. Let’s look at the facts: this moisturising serum is chock-full of goodies to help your dry or ageing skin become the best version of itself. Sodium Hyaluronate that delivers 1000x it’s own weigh in hydration, natural squalene (sourced from olives, yum!) to soften and moisturise to the max, and Sodium PCA, a native component of your skin, to perfect the softening and elasticity. Paired with the otherworldly renewing abilities of the 16% LG-Retinex, this hydrating, conditioning, and rejuvenating serum both minimises wrinkles and keeps the moisture in.

3. It’s a Retinol serum that doesn’t irritate

Part of being a great retinol serum is being powerful— but being a good serum for dry skin means ‘don’t irritate’. It can be a tricky balance to pull off, but Cosmedix Serum 16 does it seamlessly. You get all the benefits of the Retinol without the inflammation that could harm your already sensitive skin. So, what are the Retinol benefits for your skin? This Cosmedix serum has 16% LG-Retinex, a balanced and chirally correct form of Retinol that really ups the ante on the rejuvenating factor. It’ll encourage your skin to create new, active cells to replace old ones and to fill increases, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Yay to smooth, healthy skin!

4. Vitamin E for antioxidant skincare & protection

You probably already know that Vitamin E is, hands-down, the best antioxidant. Antioxidants are an absolute must in your self-care practice, especially if you have sensitive or dry skin. And especially if you are dealing with stress or heading into the colder half of the year. Danielle Williams, the educator at iconic Aussie brand Jurlique, tells it like it is when she says to Vogue that, for dry skin, it’s imperative to ‘provide the skin with the firming and antioxidant support it craves during the cooler months’. Get on it, boss babe!

5. The smoothing & pigmentation serum

If you’re time-poor and on-the-go, it’s always a good idea to be a minimalist. But having to use a ton of products to address each and every last skin issue doesn’t go very well with that, does it? One of the best things about Cosmedix Serum 16 is that it’s all-around awesome. We found that it targets all of the key concerns of ageing and/or dry and sensitive skin, which reduces your waiting time and suitcase bulk nicely. Besides working to fill in your lines and wrinkles double-quick as well as to super-hydrate, this serum helps minimise your pigmentation and dark spots. It’s all in the cell renewal: as the new, lovely skin resurfaces and gets moisturised, your tone evens out and glows.

In the end, you can take our word for it— Serum 16 by Cosmedix is high on the list for best active skincare. You can believe us when we say that it’s the perfect serum for dry skin and an exceptional scientific anti-age serum. Or you might choose to test it yourself!


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