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The Review

5 Top Reasons Why You Need Define by Cosmedix

In Ancient Greece, folks believed that the Sphinx was a mythical creature asking incredibly hard questions. If she’d known about cosmeceuticals, she’d definitely add ‘What’s the best anti aging serum?’ to the list. It’s not easy to find the perfect treatment! But, if we had to pick candidates, Define by Cosmedix serum would make the top of our list.

What’s the deal? Why is this anti-age serum so powerful? Tested, loved and approved by our Skin Experts and Influencer, Nadia Perixo, here are the 5 reasons why you need Define by Cosmedix.

1. Define by Cosmedix— The perfect AHA serum

Some of the best ingredients in the world of cutting-edge, active skincare are AHAs. What does AHAs mean? Vogue-worthy Alpha Hydroxy Acids, the superstar of cosmeceuticals.

The benefits of AHAs: chemical exfoliation (removing the dull top layer of dead skin cells), moisturising (& helping your now-fresh skin absorb moisturisers much better), and encourages the natural creation of new, tone-smooth skin cells that cut down on wrinkles and lines. Define by Cosmedix contains three of these awesome active ingredients: L-Tartaric Acid. L- Lactic Acids, and L-Malic Acid. These form the perfect team to defy ageing in your beautiful complexion. What’s more, they’re chirally correct (To learn more about what chirally correct click here! ) their molecules are designed to be incredibly bio-available and easily absorbed by the skin.

2. Full of age-defying power

We believe that all skin is beautiful, no matter the age. But also, that taking good care of yourself and your complexion is an awesome way to reach wellness, balance, and a natural glow that makes you feel radiant and confident.

Define by Cosmedix is targeted at minimising ageing and prematurely ageing in your skin. That means banishing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as little imperfections or an uneven skin tone.

And it’s not just a cosmetic— as a super-advanced cosmeceutical, this anti-age serum targets the deep structures of your skin to create a glow from the inside out.

To know the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, click here!

3. A retinol serum for exfoliation and impurities

If you know about cosmeceuticals, you know about retinol: it’s a very effective form and vitamin A. Shani Darden, L.A.-based expert esthetician specialising in this ingredient, says that it sinks deep into the skin and, once there, acts to create fresh new skin at a cellular level.

The effects? Darden preaches, ‘It’s a multitasker!’. Why? It smoothes the skin texture and tone, increases collagen (a must for a youthful complexion), and speeds up the generation of new skin cells to replace the damaged ones.

The best part: Cosmedix Define’s microencapsulated retinol is specially designed for phenomenal efficiency and anti-oxidant action that protects the new cells and defies age like a boss.

4. Treatment for sun damage and pigmentation

Microencapsulated retinol and a sweet AHA blend are a match made in heaven. They team up to slough off damaged skin cells and impurities (the AHAs bit) and stimulate the healthy growth of fresh, new skin layers (the Retinol bit). Obviously, this is a recipe for success against sun damage and pigmentation! Define by Cosmedix can help you minimise discolouration or uneven skin tone caused by UV light and other environment stressors. Absolute win!

5. Define by Cosmedix is fit for sensitive skin!

Maybe you’re thinking— ‘Sounds too good to be true, the ingredients can’t be right for me’. Not true! Cosmedix Define is an age-defying serum that’s safe for even the most sensitive skin types. The winning match point is Chamomile (here, L-Bisabolol): this ingredient is a time-proven (and science-backed!) remedy for redness and inflammation.

Despair no longer! Now you know the 5 reasons why you need Define by Cosmedix in a nutshell, it’s the perfect, Holy-Grail-blend between exfoliating, resurfacing AHAs and rejuvenating retinol. This serum is our top choice for best anti-aging skincare as well as a super-effective ally for getting that luscious, imperfection-free skin of your dreams.

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