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Asti Maree – Female Sexual Empowerment Coach

As a little girl I always remember being fascinated by the sexual beauty and power of the feminine, but growing up I very quickly learnt that this beauty and power I was so in awe of wasn’t completely accepted or celebrated by society. I believed that in order to be liked I had to be pretty, flirty and sexual but not too much because then that would make me a ‘slut’. With all of the contradicting narratives I had been given, I was constantly walking this thin line and being pulled between feeling too much and not enough. But most of all I never truly felt like myself.  

Long story short, I went on a journey of ‘finding myself’ and creating my own narratives. This journey lead to pole dancing, into stripping and eventually into me becoming two times Australian showgirl champion. The most interesting thing I noticed during my time as a stripper was the way women would react to me with judgement, shock, shame, disgust.. It eventually dawned on me that these women were relating to me in the same way they did their own sexual essence. Although most of them were doing it completely unconsciously, I was just a mirror for them to see where they needed to love themselves more. I finally decided things needed to change! So five years into full time stripping I made it my mission to give everything to women, that stripping gave me including; body confidence, freedom, sexual empowerment, financial freedom, connection to sisterhood and a taste of majesty of just how incredible living in a female body was meant to be. I went on to complete a Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching Certification through the Tantra Institue Of Integrated Sexuality and here I am!

I now turn high-achieving women into sensual and desirable goddesses so they can manifest confidence, desirability, passion and a turn-on for life!

Using a combination of spiritual practices and logic modern psychology, I help women drop the shame they hold around their sexuality, so they can come back home into their bodies and use their innate sensual radiance to manifest conscious relationships, limitless love, and sex that sets their mind, body and soul on fire.

I have a range of online courses and work in both privately, in group settings and also host retreats with women who are ready and committed to making huge shifts within themselves, their lives and their relationships.

The Grit. 

I’ve always been a highly motivated person, once I put my mind to something, it’s happening! I’m a Capricorn through and through in that sense. 

When it comes to my business, I guess there are two main drives, the first one is simply that I get such a buzz watching women to transform! The woman I used to be compared to who I am now is totally unrecognizable. I used to be so incredibly insecure within my body and disempowered within my sexuality and through my own journey, I managed to overcome all of that and blossom into the confident and free woman I am today. Knowing that I have the tools and experience to help other women overcome similar blocks so they can step into their true power is all the drive I need. There is nothing I love more than sharing this magic with other women. I literally want to wrap my arms around everyone and scream (with love) “let me help you!” When clients tell me they’ve experienced their first orgasm, tapped into a deep sense of self-love for the first time, in new loving relationships, or even making more money (sex = money), it’s music to my ears. 

I guess the second part of this drive is personal. It’s my personal desire to make enough money to support my dream lifestyle which is currently a lot of travel, but I also desire to run a business that will eventually allow me to comfortably juggle being a mother and a biz owner. I don’t think women should have to choose anymore. If I want to be a mum and a boss babe, then why not?!

My financial drive is also based on the fact that the more money I make, the more I can invest in quality foods, coaches (yes coaches have coaches too), study and self-care – the more I can show up and support my clients as the best version of myself the better results they’ll have. So I guess even my personal investments are supporting my business, and therefore my clients. 

Interestingly, one thing that I have noticed during my business journey is the more I make my work about them (being my clients) rather than about me, the more I step into my power. It’s all about the message coming through me with love rather than being attached to the ego. With ego comes all the limiting beliefs, self-doubts and all of the childhood narratives that tell me ‘you’re not good enough’. I have to keep reminding myself that this work is so much bigger than me. – A little hot tip for any biz babes reading. 


My main source of inspiration throughout my life has always come from the women closest to me. I can probably count these women on one hand, but together they have changed my life immensely and made me the person I am today. I completely believe in that saying “you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”. I’ve spent, and still spend a lot of time with women who have qualities that I admire and who have strengths in areas which I feel I’m lacking.

When I started stripping I spent a lot of time with women who were confident within their bodies and within their sexuality. Although I wasn’t quite there yet, their presence was almost an invitation, and the way they showed up offered a sense of permission like “if she can do that then I can too”. A woman comfortable within her own sexuality is comfortable within the presence of another sexually empowered woman, so my ‘awakening’ was not only supported, it was encouraged. And I feel like it’s important for me to point out, this ‘permission’ isn’t necessarily direct, conscious or intentional. A woman who displays certain qualities will naturally and very gracefully bring these qualities out in you too.

I love being these women for other women now, in the way that I talk about sex without the stigma giving them permission to explore their sexuality even further.

Now I spend more time with women who are entrepreneurs or business owners and these women give me the same sense of permission but this time to succeed within my business. 

For me, being surrounding my incredible feminine energy is a solid reminder of who I’m meant to be, how I’m meant to feel and what I’m capable of achieving. It’s the ultimate inspiration!!!

Success & Luck. 

I guess success just means setting a goal and achieving it, so everyone’s version of success is wildly different. But for me a huge element of success is emotional fulfillment, I don’t care how many clients I’ve got, how much money I have in my bank account, how many events I’ve been invited to speak at, if I’m not enjoying it and not feeling content within the work I’m doing then, well, what’s the point? Life is meant to be fun!! 

Stripping taught me very quickly that money doesn’t equal success. I often found myself coming home with bundles of cash but feeling empty inside. I realised the elements of success that were missing were a sense of personal improvement or progress of some kind. Money can never replace that!

A quote I often say and a notion I’ve done many talks on is ‘how you’re feeling is more important than what you’re doing’. Success is in the FEELING and it’s the internal feeling that eventually manifests the external physical goal or success. Not the other way around as we’ve been taught to believe. As humans, all of our successes are driven by emotional fulfillment. We don’t necessarily want the car, the house, the dream job etc. We want the emotional fulfillment that we believe having those things is going to give us. And once you understand this you can fast track your success because all emotions are something that we can create from within, at any time. Last year I decided to stop working my butt of trying to become successful and instead to just start showing up embodied in my success and man did things change. I began to live out my day like “what would she do?”,  she being future successful me. 

So I guess my short answer to all of this is success = emotional fulfillment and contentment. 

And it’s not luck, your success is a direct reflection of how you show up in life. 

Different Shades Of Beautiful & Health.

In my opinion, beauty is showing up and expressing yourself unapologetically in your original essence. Your original essence is the truest version of YOU, at the core of your very being. It’s who you were originally birthed into this world to be. The thing is the majority of women have lost touch with their innate essence through trauma and cultural conditioning. At some point we all take on limiting beliefs such as men don’t like smart girls, sexuality is shameful or women are ‘too emotional’, not to mention all the terrible insecurities we pick up from advertising and the media. We’ve all been manipulated to think that beauty must fit this very limited, cookie-cutter stereotype. With all of this conditioning women end up losing parts of themselves or plastering on false identities to try and appear more beautiful, but this dis-attaches them further from their innate essence which is ironically the only source of true beauty. 

In my one and one coaching and also in my upcoming webinar ‘wild essence retrieval’ I take women through a process of letting of of all the limiting beliefs, trauma and conditioning they are holding onto so they can free their bodies from everything that’s not in alignment with their original essence so they can begin showing up as the most beautiful version of themselves.

My line of work focuses on energetic and emotional health but nutrition and exercise are just as important to me. In regards to nutrition and exercise, my opinion is that being healthy needs to come from a place of “I love my body and therefore I want to nourish it with healthy food” or “I love myself and I deserve to look and feel my best”. NOT “I hate the way my body looks but I’ll feel better one a loose 5kg”. Your body will always respond best to love and appraisal. Taking action aligned with love is apart of what makes you beautiful. 

When you’re deeply in touch and confident in who you are, this essence radiates from deep within. It’s what people notice first and it’s what makes YOU uniquely yet truly beautiful. 

Self-care Routine. 

If I’m completely honest I have a very relaxed skincare routine. 

For me, the most important things are water, sleep, and suncream. As far as products go, I use a Skintitute cleaner, an Aspect Dr hydrating mask when my skin is dry and the Aspect Dr retinol serum a couple of nights a week (or more if my skin is playing up). Sometimes I use jojoba oil which I mix with frankincense and ylang-ylang, it makes a beautiful night cream and also can double as lube. Win-win!

I’m in the process of changing all of my makeup over to natural products – Jane Iredale is my favorite!!

I am totally obsessed with microdermabrasion and have that done at least once every 6 weeks. LED treatments are incredible too. And I very, very occasionally do a skin needling treatments. Although it scares me a little, I can’t deny it provides some amazing results. 

I also use an infra-red sauna when my skin is playing up – I swear by them! You come out looking 5 years younger in 30mins. 

Mental Health. 

I love this question! One thing that I’ve started doing recently that has helped me so much is I’ve started scheduling around my monthly cycle. A couple of days before I am due on and during my period I find that I have less energy so I try and keep those days free as much as I can. If I’m feeling low on energy or ‘down’ mentally, I give myself permission to put work on hold for the day. Looking after me is number one! I also try and schedule in big appointments, meetings, interviews when I’m ovulating because I know I’ll be total FIRE those days. I find my confidence and productivity both increase like crazy. I become superwoman. 

I do a lot of things to care for myself. I don’t have a routine as such I just listen in to what my mind/ body needs at the moment. I go to the gym, run, meditate, go to the sauna, self-pleasure, do a lot of Jade egg practice. I give myself permission to feel my emotions, if I feel like a need to sit in bed and cry I do, crying is such a beautiful way to heal and release. 

I also have a group of close friends and of course my partner that I can talk to when I feel down or when things aren’t going my way. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to do it alone. There is so much power in being vulnerable. 

Recommendations For Your Wish List. 

Holiday destination?

My favourite holiday destination has to be the Greek Islands – the scenery, the food, the people – you can’t beat it! I’ve also created the most beautiful memories there. A couple of years ago my partner and I went to Kefalonia and stayed in a nudist hotel. And a couple of months ago I went back and stayed in Crete for a month on a self-care the retreat with a group of the worlds most incredible Sex, Love and Relationship Coaches. Two experiences I’ll never forget. 


I don’t really have a favourite restaurant. In Sydney, I absolutely love Cafe Sydney for the vibe and the views. I’m vegetarian so I also really love Yulli’s. I’m a sucker for Japanese and will never ever get sick of Mexican. Oh and margaritas yum! 


Alpha Channeling – he’s incredible. Once you see you’ll understand. I love that he portrays sexuality and the human body in such a beautiful, innocent, playful, magical way. I have a huge piece of his above my bed of a couple making love. I LOVE it!


I’ve read about 50 books on sexuality over the last year or two, so I obviously have a fav topic. I’m currently re-reading “Wild Feminine’ by Tamo Lynn Kent. It’s one of my favourites and one I think every woman needs to read. It describes in so much detail the power of the female body and more importantly, how to unlock it. 

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