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The Review

BEAR Vitamins and Super Powders

Who is Bear? 

Minimalistic. Simple. Functional. These words, frequently used to describe the contemporary design and dreamy spaces, are less often used for skincare and wellness. But, if any brand can earn the right to use them, it’s BEAR. Founded by it-couple Saasha Burns and Sammy Leetham, BEAR is the future: aesthetic, efficient, and nourishing. If you take a look at BEAR’s Instagram profile, you’ll find a clear love for personal wellbeing and good design. This translates seamlessly into a line of daily vitamins and superpowders tailored to, put simply, make life better.

Why Bear is an innovative philosophy

BEAR’s vision is revolutionary enough to fascinate swarms of influencers and socialites. What’s the big deal? The founders of the company speak of a different sort of spirit: they were overwhelmed by too many choices, unclear on the benefits of different products, and unsure of the scientific efficiency of the supplements they did find. Through the research of naturopaths and pharmacists, Burns and Leetham created something new: a brand that, based on the minimalistic principles of efficacy and function, delivers real, holistic benefits to your entire being.

What sets BEAR apart?

In short, it’s all about offering you simple tools to take the reins of your own wellness. All of the brand’s meticulously curated supplement lines (Restore, Perform, Protect, and Explore) are built from highly bio-available components that are easily absorbed by your body. What’s more— all the formulations are geared towards maximising the potential of your overall health, body, and mind, instead of trying to address particular market segments or genders.

Sounds good? There’s more: everything the label says is actually there. ‘We also avoid bulking,’ Burns says, ‘a practice common within the industry where layers of sub-therapeutic ingredients are included in each tablet or powder but are at such low levels, there’s no evidence to support their health claims’. Yay for transparency!

A more holistic concept of health

Beauty (as well as the appreciation of beauty) is a crucial part of a happy and healthy life— or, at least, that’s the takeaway from this brand’s products and simple packaging. Everything is spotlessly gorgeous in its functionality. If you’re anything like me, that’s a clinching argument: what’s better than indulging in a self-care ritual that is just as luxuriously well-designed as it is effective? But BEAR’s supplements are more than just for looks. The company is heavily invested in a broader concept of health— one that includes not just the individual body and mind, the particular lifestyle of one person, but also the world we live in.

All products by BEAR are blessedly vegan, harmonized to the seasons, and completely cruelty-free (not tested on animals). And this one is a brand that gives back to the natural environment: a set amount from every product sold goes directly to WildArk, a group dedicated to supporting Australia’s unique biodiversity. So, if you want to participate in a movement towards global health while taking your own wellness to its fullest and clearest expression, BEAR is the brand to go for.

Are you ready to support your body, health, and the environment in one go? Tell us what you think in the comments!


  1. Simone

    I love that they’ve recognised that many products have bulking agents and they’re not doing that so consumers actually get exactly what they think they’re getting in a high potency formula.

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