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Beauty is Psychology


If you find yourself running from task to task and trying to patch up your self-care needs with hurried appointments and novelty products, raise your hand!


If all of us were together in one room, we’d probably notice many hands in the air— which is to say, you’re not alone. Most of us struggle with allowing ourselves proper space to breathe, wind down, and take care of our minds and bodies.

Why? Well, the world we live in defines success by just how much we can manage to produce and how visible that production is. Of course, we all want to be happy and successful, so we abide by those rules. As a result, we often end up frazzled and not getting enough me-time to devote to feeling healthy, beautiful, and centered.


But now, there’s a new movement on the rise— What if we considered beauty as more than just the appearance everyone can see and that we try to achieve in an inconsistent, stressed way? What if beauty is more than that? We like to say, ‘Beauty is psychology’ and, while it might sound wishy-washy, it truly isn’t. Taking care of ourselves in a world that exhausts us is essential. Happiness is essential— after all, isn’t happiness what we really want? Slowing down and considering an approach to beauty that involves all of our being (body, mind, and soul) is key to achieving that.

Holistic beauty and wellness are just that— a work of art we create every day, that involves all of our aspects. We believe that, when you give yourself the nourishment you need on the inside as well as the outside, you become centered. And that means you’re able to achieve your full potential and your full natural glow! You’ve probably already heard the term mindfulness in all its trendy glory. It’s more than a trend, though: it’s an attitude towards life that guides us towards enjoying every moment fully. It’s being present in our bodies and minds, without running wild with worry and frantic activity. None of us rocks it from the get-go, though.

It’s hard to slow down and just breathe, but that’s exactly what you need to practice awareness. Start with five minutes a day (set a timer) just sitting and listening to your breath. Maybe, be more conscious when you go about your daily routine (makeup application, skincare, cooking, etc). It gets easier! Looking after ourselves on the outside is very important. And, today, you’ve got lots of skincare systems with super-advanced, tech-infused formulations to help you achieve your skin goals.

But beauty and balance are also in the other aspects of self-care: eating nutritious meals that keep your body healthy and give it the energy to move and meet your goals. Cultivating awareness,  gratitude, and appreciation for yourself and what surrounds you.

It’s all one— every part of you is connected to the whole. And you— every part of you!— deserve to enjoy wellness, embody your natural beauty, and be happy.


So own it!

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