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Your Irresistible Beauty Tofu Guide For Clear Glowing Skin

The Latest For A Spotless Visage

Few skin issues are as commonplace and, yet, as distressing as a problematic skin type. Our skin experts are adamant— more people are looking to clear their complexion than you’d believe. But what are the main complications of this skin type? And why is it that some people seem to try one cosmetic after another, all to no avail?

Beauty-smart babes everywhere, we give you…

Pigmentation, Adult Acne, Problem Skin & Other Dread Tales.

You are born with your skin type— your DNA calls the shots on how much oil your skin produces as well as how good your blood flow is. On the oily side, you get frequent breakouts and open pores; on the dryer, dullness and even flaking. Your skin type can even be a combination of different primary types in various areas of your face, which can complicate skincare. Then, your body (&, thus, your complexion) goes through hormonal changes: the lifelong ones, like puberty, your Moon cycle, and menopause as well as the external ones, like a spike in your stress hormones after a particularly fraught high school reunion.

Some people might also have their hormones stay messy for longer, leading to the frustrating bane of adult acne and the sort of acne scarring that leaves pigmentation damage. Another factor to take into account when looking for the cause of your problem skin is UV and pollution damage, which are astronomically high in our cities and also create bad pigmentation in your skin. These (and, of course, also collagen loss from natural ageing) cause fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull look.

The last key cause of problem skin is toxins in your system. Particularly, in your gut, absorbed from processed food and produce with preservatives and other chemicals. These are directly linked to inflammation and congestion in the skin and, also, to premature ageing. Yikes. Now what? How do you treat all these complex problems?

The thing is, conventional cosmetics are packed with passive ingredients that don’t target the root of the problem. Active skincare or cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, are scientifically designed to act on a cellular level. And Beauty Tofu, one of the key up-and-coming Australian brands led by a generation of holistically-minded and empowered women, has dropped a cosmeceutical miracle on our skincare-thirsty laps. The goal: to clear problem skin and heal past scarring on difficult skin types like dry, oily, and combination. But does it work? And what’s the science behind it?

Hype Or Might? We Research Beauty Tofu’s Clear Complexion Dream Team Pack.

Let’s take a look at the inner workings of the new Beauty Tofu Clear Complexion Dream Team. This pack is designed to be a treatment that approaches the problem from three different perspectives:

  • C3 Cleanse by Beauty Tofu — It’s a detox for your pores and a reliable spot treatment, and doubles up as a nourishing & cell healing mask. It’s full of the goodies: activated charcoal to get you cleansed, potent vitamins and antioxidants to give you life.
  • Collagen Wand by Beauty Tofu — Here, the latest in antiageing, at-home derma rolling happens with the help of this Collagen Wand. The name is clear: this rolling host of tiny needles sinks into your skin and jumpstart the production of glowing, healthy collagen. It also makes your skin more receptive to the actives you’ll apply next.
  • R3 Serum by Beauty Tofu — Rich in hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and a big-time Omega 3, 6, & 9 infusion. Meaning: it balances your skin’s oil production and collagen to get you clear and radiant.

Reasons To Start Using The Clear Complexion Dream Team Pack

What’s the deal? Why should you get this dreamy pack on your beautiful skin?

Let’s investigate…

1. About Collagen Induction 

One of the biggest problems of acne and congested or problem skin is pigmentation. Why? After a breakout or a particularly annoying zit, you might get a spot of darkened skin that makes your complexion uneven. If you have drier or combination skin, it comes with a side dish of dullness. And, as you age, those spots of pigmentation and lacklustre appearance gain new companions: fine lines, wrinkles, sagging… But wait— there’s no reason to put up with that. If collagen loss is a direct cause of post-inflammatory pigmentation, ageing signs, and dull skin…

Derma Rolling (aka the Collagen Wand) can help treat those. The needles on the wand create thousands of micro-injuries that stimulate your cells’ collagen. Then, this young collagen breaks up leftover pigmentation, evening out your skin tone and giving you a whole new radiance. Plus, if used regularly, it tightens pores and minimises ageing. Perfection.

2. About Skin Detoxification 

One of the main milestones when treating problem skin is to clear the pores from toxins and impurities. Accumulated debris can cause already oily skin to get inflamed and break out. And no one has time to deal with that. To prevent it, Beauty Tofu’s Clear Complexion Dream Team Pack includes the ultimate detox: the C3 Cleanse. Why does our team love it so? Easy— it combines activated charcoal (to extract everything from those clogged pores) with Manuka Oil (we cheer as it purifies bacteria and prevents breakouts like a champ) and Turmeric (an ancient ayurvedic ingredient that tones the skin and banishes redness).  The best thing about this cleanser is that it’s gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin— even good for babes with acne or rosacea. Balance comes first.

3. Multifunctional Beauty Products 

The three layers in Beauty Tofu’s Clear Complexion Dream Team are strategically aligned. C3 Cleanse softens and detoxes the skin, getting it ready for a deeper treatment. The action of the Collagen Wand creates healing collagen proteins and hits Stop on the ageing process, all while getting your pores receptive to the serum. And, of course, the R3 Serum is the grand finale: its powerful nutrients get down to the cellular level to undo inflammation and damage. In short, just like ABBA, The Beatles & Fleetwood Mac, every team member makes the other play better. Together, they make for an avant-garde, clean (free of all nasties) and balanced problem skin treatment in keeping with Beauty Tofu’s ayurvedic philosophy. That is— finding the equilibrium of energies in your body, the steady strength in the chaos of life. And we’re here for it.

4. How To Creating Glowing Skin

In the end, what’s all that science for? All you really want (trust us, we get you) is to feel good in your skin and to have that skin reflect the radiance you’ve got shining inside. On that note, the final act of this problem skin skincare team is gold. The R3 Serum contains nourishing Harakeke, which gives your cells fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, & 9). These are vital if you want to restore your healthy glow and stop breakouts, as they rehabilitate cell damage and get the amount of oil produced by your skin to a balanced spot. This is the best bet if your skin goals involve healing problem skin, balancing oil, and restoring your best #glow. And honestly? There’s no reason for us not to be clearing & preventing breakouts with these deep nourishing cosmeceuticals. So off we go— to splurge in self-love with the Clear Complexion Dream Team Pack by Beauty Tofu. Au revoir!

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