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Skin Health Emporium

Bonnee Fahlstrom, Ethical Model, Nutritionist & Naturopath 

By Skin Health Emporium 

Hi, I’m Bonnee Fahlstrom – I am a Model, Influencer, Health and Beauty Writer/ Blogger based in Melbourne. I am also a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist this is where my worlds align with modelling brands of integrity.

Spirituality is a path I have been on since I was born. You are the map to your own healing and spiritual path, no one else can define that for you. I have always been interested in health and wellness. I would leave school at lunchtime and go and find a yoga studio. It was about 6 years ago, I  found Social Media/ Instagram such an inspiring platform to promote a healthy and spiritual lifestyle by using my name to bring attention to issues of importance like health, beauty, and wellness, saving the bees and writing captions with mindfulness. I utilise my social media following to create awareness of environmental issues and promoting brands of integrity via health and wellbeing products that align with who I am and what I represent.  My philanthropy and social conscious endeavors range from volunteering for “Save the Bees Australia” to repping conscious organic and vegan brands.

What Motivations You? 

What motivates me and drives me begins with self-love and a balance of solitude. This is a tool to help support my business goals and personal development. In solitude, your connection with your soul gets stronger and you start hearing the intuition. It is your energy that is powerful when you stop hanging out with people who don’t lift your vibration. When you choose your own company over a fake company. When you are no longer around people who drain your energy. It is the light that you need to be protected this energy is motivational and I tune in to it when I am in the public eye, modelling, with clients etc. It keeps me strong and confident when I need support.

What Does Success Look like To You & How Much Of It Was It Built On Luck?

Success to me is being healthy and happy but I think ultimately, it is confidence. When I am truly in my essence and successful in my overall personal, private and business life I know that is when I will be at my peak of confidence. I love what I do and I thrive off being busy. To some degree, I agree that success is built on luck. Like, connecting to like-minded people who support you and who align with your value’s. I heavily believe in manifestation and staying in the light to attract good energy. So, for me, that is where luck comes to when you are on high vibration.

What Does Being Beautiful And Healthy Mean To You?

I really do believe in a healthy body and healthy mind will shine from within and you will be beautiful. The two need to work in unison. Also, being peaceful and getting enough sleep and drinking pure water is the best tip. In Australia I think you’re really lucky to have beautiful beaches, so you jump in the ocean if your skin is bad as salt water and sunshine is extremely healing. That is a beautiful lifestyle.

Tell Us About Your Skincare And Wellness Secrets? 

I only love to represent products that are made with love and conscious intention. I deeply believe that Beauty is based on 3 things. It must be sustainable, ethical and organic! All beings have the right to a humane life. I trust products that never test their products on animals. I also have regular facials at the Vic Dermal GroupI like to use natural as possible skincare that also contains active ingredients to prevent ageing. Products that contain As, Bs, and Vitamin C. I love serums too. I mix between hyaluronic, rose hip and hemp oil depending on how dehydrated and thirsty my skin is.

How Do You Manage Mental Health And Self-Care?

I love to walk for an hour every morning and afternoon. I also love to do Yoga and deep stretching. My diet consists of healthy, mostly Vegetarian/ Vegaquarian food. I avoid all foods that could contribute to both inflammation and bloating. That means no gluten, sugar, processed foods, and no dairy. I am extremely in tune with my body and when I eat bad food I feel bad. I have always craved salt over sugar. I am also fun though. The occasional cocktail or red wine makes me excited. As I have grown up I am more in tune with how my body responds and have become a way of what nourishes it and what trashes it. Diet and meditation help me rebuild my mental health to get through tough times. I have learned that every thought you have affects your reality and only you have control of your mind.

Favourite Holiday Destination, Restaurant, And Book?

Daintree Rainforest is the most beautiful pristine place in Australia. I have recently finished Gisele Bundchen’s book Lessons: My path to a meaningful life and I found it so inspiring. I am now currently reading Eggshell skull. I am loving Italian food at the moment, craving a European Holiday. So Cafe E Cucina is the next best thing in Melbourne.


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