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The Review

About Cosmetic Injectables


Dermal Fillers are one of the new, cutting-edge techniques to boost the appearance and health of ageing skin. They’re also often misunderstood……..


In Our Filler Series Part One…. (read this article to learn the different types of fillers and how they’re different from, say, botox), we tell you all you need to know to harness their power and achieve your healthiest complexion and most radiant look whilst supporting the ageing process.  

The Power To Highlight Your Natural Beauty – Sometimes, when people think of cosmetic procedures, they tend to picture features that are fundamentally altered— something like heavy-duty photoshop. But this isn’t an accurate description of what fillers actually do. When applied by skilled medical professionals like a registered nurse or cosmetic doctor, fillers are more of a lighter touch: a tool to boost your natural features, support the foundation of the skin and enhance your look. Done correctly, the end goal is, you will still look natural— just the ‘best version of yourself’.

How  Do They????

The most important point is the proportion. Generally speaking, it’s best to keep the proportion and distribution of your features the same. Altering a part of your face too much, or adding too much filler will end up looking off. For example, a study determined that, when it comes to lip fillers, it’s best to stick to the natural ratio (lower lip that is slightly bigger than the upper lip) and keep the shape of the Cupid’s bow the same. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change things up. When you do so, though, you should distribute the attention you pay to your different features. Maybe this looks like evening out one side of the chin that’s smaller, augmenting both lips instead of one, or using fillers in both the cheeks and chin instead of only on the cheeks.

When Knowledge is Power – Deep knowledge of anatomy is a must! A good doctor (Like Dr. Swift) will correct the right area of the face to create that plumping effect— even if it’s not directly where the problem sign shows up. Remember ratio, symmetry, proportion. Some practitioners, like Dr. Frame, insist on using products with different thickness in different areas of your face. They tend to use a thicker product in the deepest tissue (to ‘rebuild scaffolding’) and then a lighter one to fill in surface creases. 

Understand the Art and Method – The fanning method, as explained by Dayan and Bassichis, consists of inserting a greater amount of product within the deeper subdermal tissue in a fanning motion. It’s a slow process but yields the most natural results! If you want an effect that doesn’t produce a radical, immediate change (which might lead your coworkers to wonder just what you did) but more of a gradual improvement, try stimulator fillers like Sculptra. These make your skin produce its own collagen over time, and so works to gradually smooth its appearance.

What’s Crucial To Achieving a Natural  Look???

Working with a skilled, experienced doctor or registered nurse that will customise the procedure to your needs. This means they’ll study and understand the ratios of your facial features, as well as how to distribute the product to keep them even.

Fillers As Ageing Support – If your wrinkles are already pronounced, the truth is: there is no amount of fillers that will make them disappear. There is no technique that can undo decades of ageing. What is, indeed, possible, is to support your features and target the most recent ageing signs. Keeping in mind that injectables are one small part of maintaining healthy skin and the ageing process. Injectables should never replace a holistic skin health and wellness practice of skincare, excise, and diet.

From The Experts….. Dr. Yagoda, as reported in the New York Times, suggests working with your doctor or registered nurse to create a 10 or 20 year age-supporting plan. 

In the end, though? Beauty has infinite faces— ageing doesn’t make you any less beautiful. Experience, charm, and grace come with it, and it’s a process that lets us learn more about ourselves, and our connection with all of life. Fillers are only a part of what we can do to age in a healthy way: it’s a holistic practice!  This means eating well (yay to all those good vitamins and antioxidants), staying physically active, and honing the mind and the spirit via yoga, meditation, Qigong or other holistic methods. There’s a lot to explore in the path to wellness, and you are fully capable of doing it!

Green Light— When to start? There’s no ‘too early’ or ‘too late’ to start taking care of your skin. That said, prevention is the best cure: experts say your body starts losing collagen at around age 26. A rule of thumb? If you see expression lines that are still visible when your face is relaxed, start thinking about your fillers! Also, start slowly. To get the best, subtle results, don’t go too hard too fast. Just go for a small amount of filler, let it settle over a month and only then, if you’re not satisfied, go back for more.

The Cost of Fillers— What does fair mean? ?

The bottom line is: don’t try to skimp on your fillers. Dermal injections should be performed by highly qualified professionals, and using only approved products (in Australia, search the TGA Register). This means it’s a procedure that might be costly. That said, the price varies according to which product you’re using, and how much of it. In Australia, the average price of a dermal filler unit (1 ml.) is $493.

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