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How does CBD work?

Few things in our day and age are simultaneous as popular and mysterious as CBD. Everyone loves it, but not everyone knows how CBD oil works.

From Kim Kardashian’s CBD-themed baby shower back in April to the enthusiastic endorsement of natural beauty icon Fiona Tuck— it seems everyone’s embracing this incredible oil.

Amid general acclaim, we wanted to find out the nitty-gritty. How does CBD oil work? And (despite claims that it cures everything from a stubbed toe to proliferating malignant cells) what are its real effects on the body and mind?

CBD and your body.

We’ve already talked about what CBD oil is and where it comes from— namely, the buds and flowers of hemp or marijuana plants. The basics: it’s a plant extract that contains powerful but non-psychoactive substances, CBD (cannabidiol) for the most part.

Now, your body is naturally ‘prepared’ to absorb CBD and other cannabis elements.

How: you have an endocannabinoid system made out of neurons and proteins that runs through your entire nervous system, brain included. When you consume a cannabis product like CBD oil, the system’s receptors bind the CBD and ‘digest’ it so your body can use it.

But how?

The truth on CBD oil effects.

More than the active itself, it’s what your system does with it that matters. And you can do a lot with CBD oil! CBD has proven health benefits for both the mental and the physical— including, of course, your radiant skin.

According to Tuck, the key is that CBD interacts with neuroreceptors to alleviate pain and inflammation both in localised spots (for example, when applied topically over an eczema patch) and in your whole body (managing symptoms of conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia).

Sexual health L.A. doctor Jennifer Berman told Vogue this oil can have a huge impact on the health of people going through menopause, even adding a component of relaxation and pleasure to your intimate life (since we’re at it, check out this interview with our fave sexual empowerment coach).

Many enthusiasts (and researchers) also find that CBD oil helps their anxiety and insomnia as well as their physical ailments. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrossio stands by this activity to calm frazzled nerves and relax.

CBD is also a great skincare! Not only does it contain glow-up moisturising actives like omega fatty acids— it’s also soothing to irritated, sensitive and acne congested complexions, helping balance the skin’s sebum production.

So whether you want to chill out, manage painful chronic conditions, or get your skin in its most amazing shape, CBD oil can work for you.

How do you take CBD oil?

Wanna get on board and sail toward all these amazing benefits? There are many ways to get there— it’s just a matter of comfort and of matching the method to the effect you want to achieve.

If you’re going for something like insomnia relief and relaxation, we say take the tincture (always checking with your doctor, of course) or use the oil in edibles.

If you want the full-blown, Insta-worthy skin glow and anti-inflammation effect, the drops are still great. But you can take a more direct route and include some hi-tech CBD skincare in your daily practice.

Our tips to make sure your CBD skincare is legit: check the label for the oil’s extraction method (stay clear of artificial solvents) and content (it can say ‘hemp oil’ but not ‘hemp seed oil’— that’s for salads).

In case you haven’t noticed, let’s make it official— we’re in love with CBD oil skincare. Check out this article if you’re ready to fall for it as well! Also, what are your favourite uses— how does CBD oil work for you?

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