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The Art of Layering your Skincare.
The tried and true guide to applying skincare strategically. 

When all of the products in your skincare routine are high-performance powerhouses,
you really want to give each of them a chance to shine and provide optimal results.

How do you do this?



Layering skincare is about being GOAL AWARE…If you’re already familiar with scientifically-engineered skincare that uses a tailored approach to boost your skin’s health, you know that each product has upscale, bio-active ingredients and a role to fulfill. We’d wager you don’t want to waste your therapeutic masks and boosters by just slapping them on in whatever random order and crossing your fingers! Not when there’s a better way to apply them. To get the most out of your Active Skincare, you’ve got to do layers. No, not a new haircut! Layering skincare is a proven method for applying your skin products that keep in mind how each product delivers its active ingredients to achieve your skin goals.

What are the two golden rules to layer skincare? First, to allow every item to permeate the skin, go from light to heavy. Lighter products have smaller, water-soluble particles that sink deep into your complexion. Heavier skincare that is oily or creamy saturates your skin with nutrients and seals it to keep the goodies in. Second, give each product time to act. If you just throw it all in together, crucial ingredients can’t act effectively. It’s better to integrate your skincare into the flow of your routine and give every product time to work its magic.


Step ONE cleansing.

Cleanse and Purify – Before taking in hydration and nutrients, your skin needs to shed off the nasties (like pollution and age-old makeup)— that’s where your active Cleanser comes in. A solid cleanser option, no matter your skin type, is Aspect’s Gentle Clean, which contains Canadian willow herb, organic hydrofoam, and vegetable glycerin. These purify your complexion in an extra-gentle, soothing way while healing its protective layers. 

How to Apply Cleansers – To apply, get your hands clean, lather a small amount, and massage it into your face. You can double up by adding a cleansing oil to your regime. Use your cleanser both mornings and evenings, making sure your skin is always nice and fresh! 



Step TWO toning.

Why tone? After cleansing, your skin is vulnerable and in need of extra-protective and balancing nutrition— your toner delivers exactly that. Try Benefit Balance by COSMEDIX, a toner with shea butter, aloe vera, and antioxidants that soothes and conditions, or its more intense cousin, Purity Balance. Its ingredients, like Lentil Seed and Pyridoxine, help hydrate and control breakouts. Keep in mind: this one contains Salicylic Acid— miraculous for treating problem skin, but needs you to tread lightly (don’t mix with Retinols: the combination can be irritating).

HOW TO USE TONERS – Whether it’s morning or evening, apply on dry skin with a cotton pad or just spritz away!



Step THREE serums.

Miracle Potion – Serums are the heavyweights of the skincare world: while their texture is pretty thin, they’re packed with dense nutrients and are concentrated skin solutions. They deliver benefits by diving into the skin’s layers— firming and moisturizing all the same time!

How to use Serums – Clarity COSMEDIX, with Salicylic Acid and Willowherb, is perfect for correcting imperfections and achieving flawless skin. Either in the morning or the evening, apply with light fingertips— avoiding eye and lip areas— and allow to dry. If your skin is super sensitive, you can dull the impact of the serum by applying a light cream first.



Step FOUR boosters.

Booster for Superpowered Skin – A booster is basically a serum on steroids— it’s super-concentrated and both nourishes and hydrates your skin record time. You can apply this one both morning and evening.

How to use – Pure C by COSMEDIX is super convenient: just mix a teeny bit of the powerful Vitamin C crystals into your serum and do your thing. Brighter, more tone-even and resistant skin in a nutshell!



Step FIVE eyes serums and creams. 

Happy Eyes by Cream – If you are in your twenties or up, chances are you’re starting to fret over possible fine lines and late-night-induced bags in the eye area— are they there or not? Well, for prevention and firming, you need to use a hydrating eye cream— especially in the PM. For brightening, smoothing, and revitalising, you can’t go wrong with the antioxidant-and-peptide-rich Eye Genius COSMEDIX. To achieve your vibrant eye skin goals, apply only a pin-sized amount on your lids and pat delicately.



Step SIX the moisturser.

This step is key: using a moisturiser not only hydrates your skin dramatically but also keeps all the active ingredients and nutrients sealed inside your pores. A good choice with fruit oils and powerful anti-aging peptides— especially for damaged, ageing skin— is  Phytostat 9 by Aspect.

HOW TO YOUR A MOISTURISER – You can use it morning or evening over your restorative Serum: simply spread a pea-sized amount over your (slightly damp) face and neck— and voilá! It’s nurtured, soft skin for you!




Masks are the bee’s knees if you ask us. This is the last step in the perfect evening skincare routine: deep pore cleansing, action targeted at concerns, and loads of time for the active ingredients to work. Plus, it feels like extra, luxurious pampering, right? The perfect mask to soothe and protect your precious skin on those days you need a little more self-care is Rescue+ COSMEDIX. Slap it on and do something you enjoy while your skin gets spa-worthy, relieving treatment.



Step EIGHT the most important part.

In the morning, after you’ve layered all your Active Skincare products, it’s important to make sure you don’t undo your hard work by allowing UV radiation to damage and age your skin.

HOW TO USE AN SPF – Put on some non-greasy, tone-evening SPF like Even Up Colorescience and be really, really generous with the amount. You want to stay protected! Bonus: Even Up doubles as a brightening makeup base!




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