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Skin Health Emporium

Laura Andon, Billabong Surfer, Proud Mother, Model & Author

By Skin Health Emporium 

I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys Rocky and Cruz, wife to a wonderful husband and we reside by the beach at Cronulla. I am a former Billabong Surfer which led me to become the author of The Ride Of Life an inspirational learn to surf book. It is both inspirational and instructional, empowering people to stand up for themselves both in and out of the water. I have been working as model for over 15 years and still find joy in this field, fronting many iconic campaigns and ambassadorial roles. I am a university graduate, attaining a Bachelor of Education (PDHPE). @lauraandon @therideoflife.lauraandon

What’s Your Drive? 

I am a firm believer that when you stop learning and growing, you begin to rust. I always want to be the best version of myself and that starts from within. What you feed yourself ultimately becomes you. This, of course, relates to food but also what you expose yourself to; information, social circle, etc. I choose to bring my focus and awareness towards what I want to achieve and who I want to be. This is an ongoing engagement which makes it so interesting and ultimately rewarding.


Mother nature inspires me the most. I am totally in love with it and crave it every day. It makes me a better person and that’s important for me, my two sons and husband. My list of inspiration changes constantly and that’s because I change. It’s relative to my present moment so I’m currently inspired by women who are balancing motherhood, work, health and everything in between.

Do You Believe Success Is Built On Luck?

Success to me is all about being grateful and speaking your truth. Success is far too often attached to financial status, however, if we aim for a balanced life, I feel the happier and more successful we will feel. Making conscious choices to positively impact all aspects of your life is not based on luck.

What Does Being Beautiful And Healthy Mean To You?

It’s all a work in progress but health to me is nourishing my body with nutrient dense food, meditating and connecting to myself, nature and wonderful people. Beauty can last a lifetime if you’re filled with health. 

Beauty Secrets? 

My skincare routine is not your typical exterior product usage. In the morning I add collagen protein into my probiotic chia pod, which consists of gelatin, brain octane oil, organic mushroom powder, seeds, nuts and berries. I also drink a cold-pressed juice, mainly consisting of celery, ginger, lemon, and beetroot. Throughout the day I consume bone broth which has over ten essential amino acid, eat plenty of vegetables and hydrate. I strongly believe a beneficial and effective routine starts from within. I’ve had some pregnancy pigmentation and whilst breastfeeding I have been using Aspect Extreme C and Pigment Punch every morning and evening. Post breastfeeding there are products with more active ingredients which I’d like to experiment with. I wear Ole Henriksen CC Crème SPF 30 when outdoors or at the beach. I also like using Sukin organic rosehip oil post-shower and also their hydrating mist toner throughout the day. Every few months I’ll get a hydrating facial or peel from Endota.

Mental Health

Parenting can sometimes leave you with 3 minutes of alone time in one day so even taking 10 really big, slow deep breaths can make a world of difference. I’m an avid walker and make sure I get outside every day. I usually walk to the beach which is about 6km and I call that my medi-zen. I even teach my eldest son to go outside in the morning to say good morning to the birds, breathe in the air and thank the sun for shining, not only is it teaching him gratitude and appreciation, but the first daily light elevates our serotonin levels which makes us happy. Viola!

Favourite Holiday Destination, Restaurant, Athlete And Podcast?

Holiday – Maldives

Restaurant – The Kinnear Residence (my home) because I love knowing what I put into my food.

Athlete – Kelly Slater

Podcast – Food Matters

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