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Skin Health Emporium

Linda Barkham, Founder & Director, Skin Health Emporium

The human experience is one that involves struggle, I have a personal understanding of this, just like many of us. However, I truly believe it’s how we adapt and respond to a challenge that determines the path our lives take. In my late teens, I started engaging in a process of self-love. My name is Linda Barkham, I’m the Founder and CEO of Skin Health Emporium – I’d like to share my journey with those that have created the space to learn more about me and SHE. Through both internal and external measures, such as mindfulness, healthy eating, self-care and yoga practice I found healing, perspective and strength. At a foundational level, Skin Health Emporium is the fruition of my self-love. In a world that is disproportionately concerned with the external, I have come to realise, real beauty comes when we seek balance.



In my early twenties I saved up for a trip to New York, I remember wanting to feel inspired. It was nearly at the end of winter when I arrived and the city was buzzing with an energy unique to a city that size. What grabbed my attention was the beauty industry. Like New York itself, the scale of it was more impressive than anything I’d seen before. The beauty industry in New York, embodied elegant sophistication, as well as the highest level of customer service imaginable. This city gave me an appreciation of the fine-tuning of a business model.

I wanted to create something in Australia that reflected that standard along with combining the importance of a combination of self-care, balance and internal nourishment, so I gained a qualification in business management, beauty therapy, and yogic studies, I then went on to specialise in skin health and dermal therapy. For years, I worked with doctors and immersed myself in the beauty industry and then opened a skin clinic specialising in results-driven treatments and self-care. What became clear was the gap that existed between customers and skincare providers. People wanted a more deeper connection and education around self-care and skin health through internal wellness rather than just receiving treatment or purchasing a product. 

I became determined to bridge that gap by building a chic yet humble and trusted online skin and wellness hub. One that provides accessible expert advice, a community that doesn’t end at checkout, inspirational editorial around looking after ourselves holistically available to all, and those who find it inconvenient to visit a clinic in person. At Skin Health Emporium we provide virtual consultations, allowing you to speak with a qualified skin consultant, from the comfort of your own home, office or at your convenience. 



Not only do we cater to our online community but we also cater to our wider physically  community, we equipped salons, spas, holistic wellness and lifestyle businesses the opportunity to turn their business into a community by providing them with training and inspirational yet kick-ass brands that are actually contributing goodness to the world and their community. We’ve recently partnered with Beauty Tofu and Qendo. Our mission for SHE is we use the business as an opportunity to give back and inspire this is why we’ve partnered with Beauty Tofu and Qendo, Qendo is an NGO that supports research and awareness around Endometriosis. Each $1 from a purchase goes towards supporting the movement and support around Endometriosis. Skin Health Emporium is a platform and community that empowers people to become their own wellness and skin experts. We aim to equip people with education and connection. With the right understanding, we know people can care for their own skin on a holistic level, which will help them achieve good skin health and general wellness for a lifetime.



At the end of the day, It’s not just about what you put on your skin, you’ve gotta treat yourself right. Rest, balanced nutrition, and me-time are the foundations of anti ageing. When your whole body and soul are in alignment, you’re letting your fabulous anti ageing skincare products do their job. Remember, use smart skincare, take the time to learn what’s in your products, be mindful of what you’re putting onto the skin and lastly, LOVE YOURSELF HARD — you’re an absolute powerhouse.



Founder & Director Skin Health Emporium 

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