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C1 Detox


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C1 Detox by Beauty Tofu is an edible clay to help you cleanse your entire system. In our toxin-filled modern world, a regular detox practice is a must — Beauty Tofu’s C1 Detox makes it easy. You’ll let go of processed food effects and regulate your gut. Results? Boosting your mood, lots more energy, and (yes) way clearer skin.

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01 Benefits

C1 Detox by Beauty Tofu rids your system of external toxins from processed foods and other nasties, balancing your digestion process and bowel movements.

In turn, your balanced gut improves your mood and energy levels as well as soothing general aches.

A balanced inner system means good hormones and clear skin. Great for restoring acne or problem skin to its full glory!

02 Application


Take this restorative detox clay in the morning and evening. How? Easy— mix 3 teaspoons with a large glass of warm water. The detox is done when the clay is all gone.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Mojave Desert Clay absorbs toxins and damaging elements (like metals) from your gut, making good bacteria grow and purifying you from head to toe.

Psyllium regulates your guts and elimination, helping you absorb your food’s nutrients better.

Omega 3,6 & 9 help heal irritated sections of your gut and reduce any inflammation in your inner body and skin.

Organic Barley Grass removes toxins from the digestive tract and balances its chemicals.

NZ Flaxseed Meal deliver crucial nutrients, soothe the gut’s lining, & regulates bowel movements.


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