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Mini Tip To Toe Organic Temple Detox

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Tip to Toe 100ml by Beauty Tofu is an ancient ritual ingredient, perfect self-care at-home face mask, bath detox, or detox skin drink that deeply cleanses and detoxifies whilst support gut health and repairing the skin’s youthfulness.

Tip to Toe is made from 100% organic Sodium Montmorillonite Clay which is a regulating agent for your inside processes as well as a healer for skins with impurities, especially problematic skin, and hormonal breakouts. It’s a full cleanse! The Montmorillonite Clay is fabulous for anti-ageing as it’s a natural way to help tighten, brighten, and shrink pores.

To use Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe externally, just mix with water! For a purification mask, blend two teaspoons with water to make a thick paste, then apply as a full mask or spot treatment for impurities. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and remove with a warm, wet cloth. To really treat and cleanse yourself, add two teaspoons to your bathwater.

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01 Benefits

Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe contains Sodium Montmorillonite Clay, an ancient remedy that purifies and flushes out the toxins. This balances the root of your skin’s health— your gut.

What to learn more about Tip to Toe and more healing benefits? Head over to our SHE Journal to check out our latest ‘Learn about gut health and skin health’ article.


02 Application

Use this detox clay internally and externally, mixing it into a yummy organic smoothie, a batch of clean baked goodies, or an adaptogen coffee for top energizing results. To use this clay directly on your skin as a full-on, lay-in-bed-and-watch-a-movie mask or as an emergency zit treatment, start by mixing with water until smooth. Add your fave nourishing serum or refreshing spritz to the mix and apply. Let the clay purify and detox your complexion for up to 30 minutes, then remove with a warm cloth. And our fave option? After a stressful day, an intense workout, or just for your regular self-care ritual, mix some Tip to Toe Organic Temple Detox into your bathwater. Add oils, light candles, and relax! Your body and mind deserve love.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

The Sodium Montmorillonite Clay in Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe is, to put it simply, non-metallic volcano ash. It gives you essential minerals like calcium and magnesium while extracting debris from your pores.


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