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R3 Serum

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R3 Serum by Beauty Tofu is the anti-ageing vanguard— boosting stem cell repairs, it stimulates your own natural & youthful collagen, and revitalises your skin. This means softened wrinkles, plumped up lines, and finer pores! It’s a balanced rehabilitation: no more impurities, more of the flawless glow.

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01 Benefits

Beauty R3 by Beauty Tofu is liquid gold that removes impurities (thanks to activated charcoal) and tighten pores.

Minimises the appearance of ageing signs, including fine lines, sagging, and wrinkles.

Rehabilitates skin cells and stimulates the creation of new & youthful skin.

Perfect choice for acne skin and ageing skin (or both!).

02 Application


Perfect serum to start your day radiantly! Shake Beauty Tofu’s R3 Serum and apply a few dots on your skin, blending them all over face and neck. Begins your day with cellular recharging and a nourishing base for your makeup.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Activated Charcoal extracts the bacteria, oil, and toxins from your pores, making for a clear and glowing complexion without acne.

Rosehip Oil, Baobab Oil, Rosemary Oil, & Kiwifruit make up a team of super-effective antioxidants that restore your skin cell protection and renew their youthful properties.

Harakeke Extract feeds the skin with fatty acids that balance oil production and fights ageing at a cellular level.

2 reviews for R3 Serum

  1. Simone Jacks

    This product has been really great to use and i usually put on in the evening and literally wake up in the morning feeling plumper and like my fine lines are not as noticeable!

  2. Danielle

    I absolutely love this serum. I use it daily & it’s really lovely to put on after using the Beauty Tofu Roller also. It’s really hydrating & makes me feel refreshed. It’s been a great product to use whilst healing my acne too!

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