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Tip To Toe Organic Temple Detox

(6 customer reviews)

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T3 Tip to Toe 250ml by Beauty Tofu is a detox ally fit to keep your divine temple — your body and skin — pure and in alignment. Perfect self-care at-home product to use on face, body, and hair. The 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay makes this a regulating agent for your inside processes as well as a healer for skins with impurities. It’s a full cleanse! The Montmorillonite Clay helps to tighten, brighten, shrink pores, and acts as a phenomenal tool to clear problematic skin. Use in the bath for whole-body detoxification to draw out toxins.

What to learn more about Tip to Toe and it’s healing benefits? Head over to our SHE Journal to check out our latest ‘Learn about gut health and skin health’ article.


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01 Benefits

Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe contains Sodium Montmorillonite Clay, an ancient remedy that purifies and flushes out the toxins. This balances the root of your skin’s health— your gut.

T3 Tip to Toe by Beauty Tofu is a detox ally fit to keep your divine temple— your body and skin— pure and in alignment. The 100% Sodium Montmorillonite Clay makes this a regulating agent for your inside processes as well as a healer for skins with impurities. It’s a full cleanse!

02 Application

To use Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe internally, just mix a spoonful into your fave smoothie or juice and chase it with a glass of water. Another option is to add this organic temple cleanser to your healthy treats (did anyone say raw brownies?).

To use Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe externally, just mix with water! For a purification mask, blend two teaspoons with water to make a thick paste, then apply as a full mask or spot treatment for impurities. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes and remove with a warm, wet cloth. To really treat and cleanse yourself, add two teaspoons to your bath water.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

The Sodium Montmorillonite Clay in Beauty Tofu’s T3 Tip to Toe is, to put it simply, non-metallic volcano ash. It gives you essential minerals like calcium and magnesium while extracting debris from your pores.

6 reviews for Tip To Toe Organic Temple Detox

  1. Simone Jacks

    This product has been amazing! It’s such a great facemask when mixed with a little bit of water and it actually starts to pulsate my skin, its a feeling i’ve only ever gotten from $200+ facials in a clinic and now i can do this at home!
    The product also double as an internal detox and i just mix a little in some tea to help with tummy troubles

  2. Fiona

    Love love love! Whenever I use this I can always count on it to reduce my breakouts by at least 50% overnight or nip them before they come up ? To see a difference instantly after one use is impressive

    • S.H.E

      Hey, Thank you so much for your feedback! Did you know the tip to toe can also be used for gut health and gut healing? Try using it within herbal tea or hot water – One teaspoon and mix!

  3. Danielle

    This is a fave.
    I love how you can feel it doing the work whilst on and even after washing it off. I normally use at night as it makes me a little pink but the next morning I am refreshed and my skin is SO plump & clear! I love it! It’s really really helped clear up my acne!
    This along with the R3 serum also is a dream.

  4. HC

    Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe Organic Detox Temple is bloody incredible. I wish I could give this product one million stars. It is absolute magic. I use it a few times a week to assist with controlling the acne that pops up on my cheeks and jawline. It did that and so much more. My skin is always so even, bright, refined and clear with each use – It also helps to brighten pigmentation naturally and gives my face a mini lift. I can tell it is also helping with my congestion. I love that it is natural and love the Beauty Tofu ethos. It feels great to know I can use it for long periods and not be concerned about weird ingredients or adverse effects on my skin. I’m hooked. 1000% recommend it.

    • Skin Health Emporium Team

      Hey, YAY, we’re loving your feedback for the Beauty Tofu Tip to Toe, isn’t it phenomenal. The beauty of this secret weapon is how results-driven it is and more importantly, it’s packed full of organic and natural ingredients. Tip of the day, another 2 ways you can use the Tip to Toe Beauty Tofu –
      1. Using it internally as a GUT HEALTH and SKIN HEALTH detoxification tool. Use one even table spoon in warm to hot boiled water or herbal tea. The Tip to Toe detoxification drink will help decrease bloating and leaky gut, it always helps detoxify the skin and inflammation within the skin and body.
      2. Bath detoxification rituals for body pains, stress, and spiritually cleansing.

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