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Pure C

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PURE C | MIXING CRYSTALS by Cosmedix – Promotes vibrant, strong and healthy skin with antioxidant properties that target skin concerns of breakouts, photodamage, ageing and oxygen depleted skin while increasing your skin’s ability to resist sun damage.

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01 Benefits

Pure C by Cosmedix is a groundbreaking formulation of pure bio available Vitamin C mixing crystals. This world-class skincare product promotes vibrant, strong and healthy skin through its unique chiral form of L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Cosmedix Pure C’s simple but powerful composition makes it clear: less is always more. These crystals provide antioxidant properties that target many common skin concerns with ease. Pure C by Cosmedix is highly effective at targeting issues such as breakouts, photodamage, ageing, and oxygen depleted skin. On top of this, the crystals improve your skin’s ability to resist sun damage, saving it from future hyperpigmentation and inflammation.

Vitamin C’s unique ability to control and regulate melanin production makes Pure C by Cosmedix the perfect treatment hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration. The crystal formulation provides a brighter more even toned complexion.

Pure C by Cosmedix is 100% pure bio available L-ascorbic acid in crystal/powder form.

Its potent benefits are only activated upon mixing with another skincare product, so the possible combinations and benefits are endless.

02 Application

You can add Pure C by Cosmedix to your AM and PM skincare routines. The crystals may be used in many specially curated ways:

You may apply one one dose of crystals (the approximate size of a grain of rice) and mix the Cosmedix Pure C with your recommended Cosmedix serum or moisturiser.

To specifically target hyperpigmentation, mix the crystals into your dose of Simply Brilliant 24/7 and apply as usual.

To use Pure C by Cosmedix to target photodamage, you may mix the crystals with Reflect, Refine, Defy, Phytoharmony, Purity or Benefit Balance.

To target problem skin, mix your dose of Cosmedix Pure C crystals with Clarity or Phytoclear.

You can also purchase Cosmedix serum or moisturiser

Hyperpigmentation: Mix with Simply Brilliant.

Photodamage: Mix with Reflect, Refine, Defy, Phytoharmony, Purity Balance and Benefit Balance.

Problem skin: Mix with Clarity, Phytoclear.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients of Pure C by Cosmedix

100% L-Ascorbic Acid Crystals: This chiral form of Vitamin C, detoxifies and brightens your skin while increasing its ability to resist sun damage.

Pure C by Cosmedix Full Ingredients

L-Ascorbic Acid Crystals

1 review for Pure C

  1. Gloria

    Amazing product! Cosmedix Pure C worked miracles for my acne!

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