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Good Oil

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MISS VITALITY GOOD OIL by Miss Vitality – Skin Health, acne and anti-ageing doesn’t only consist of using quality active skincare, but, also to be nourishing your body from within. One of the most powerful anti-ageing support you can do is using a Good Oil with quality and ultra concentred omega-3’s. Miss Vitality Good Oil is a powerful anti-oxidant support – Miss Vitality Good Oil soft-gels contain bio-available, pharmaceutical grade, ultra-concentrated omega-3s, fish oil sourced from small fish like Sardines, Anchovies and Whitebait all without the aftertaste. For acne suffers, Good oil from Miss Vitality can help some people clear up their skin conditions faster, this is because omega-3s reduce inflammation.

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01 Benefits

Miss Vitality Good Oil soft-gels contain Omega-3 essential fatty acids which are by far the most important good fats required to maintain optimal health by supporting your nervous system, increasing oxygen in blood cells, promotes brain health and development and assists in balancing hormones and most importantly aids healthy nail, hair and skin growth. Miss Vitality Good Oil contains highly bio-available, pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Miss Vitality high potency good oil has anti-inflammatory actions for the skin, it increases cellular elasticity and moisture to relieve symptoms of impaired, barrier-compromised skin as is the case with Dermatitis, Eczema, and Psoriasis.

Miss Vitality Good Oil Omega 3 supports your skins inflammatory responses, maintains cell integrity and relieves symptoms of impaired skin such as itching and burning while also moisturising, hydrating and revitalise your skin if you have a dryer skin type.

02 Application

Miss Vitality Good Oil Usage: Take 1-3 Miss Vitality Good Oil capsules per day after food.

03 Ingredients

Miss Vitality Good Oil are sourced from small fish – sardines, anchovies, and whitebait which are less exposed to heavy metals and are a rich source of Omega 3s found in Nordic waters.

2 reviews for Good Oil

  1. Joanna

    Miss Vitality Good oil delivered amazing results. My hair looks shiny and I got compliments about glowing skin! A must try!

  2. Adriana

    I’ve heard a lot about Miss Vitality and thought I’d give the products and crack. Omg, since using good oil I’ve seen such a difference in my skin but even the strength of my hair and nails. Highly recommend giving the good oil a crack or even the miss vitality illumination formula is awesome.

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