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Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum


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Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum by Organic Nations is a holistic anti-ageing vitamin enriched skinfood is designed to work harmoniously to protect and nurture your skin from harsh environmental influences. Organic Nations, in Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum, has included a superload of vitamins A, B, C, and E. This means that this luxurious serum is the ultimate restorative and recuperative blend, infused with the healing capabilities of natural Aloe Vera.

Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum by Organic Nation will defend your skin from pollutants and bring a luminous glow back to your dull complexion, fading redness, sun spots, and other damage signs.

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01 Benefits

Organic Nations’ Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum benefits aged, photo- or sun-damaged, and wrinkled skin types the most, as it is an ultra nurturing and protective formulation.

It acts therapeutically to restore the damaged skin cells after exposure to stressors such as excessive UV radiation. Thanks to its Niacinamide, Vitamin A and C, Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum by Organic Nations supports the skin’s natural matrix (structure that generates youthful cells).

Provides calming and antioxidant effects due to the Vitamin C and E content.

Boosts the healthy barrier function, locking in critical hydration.

02 Application

AM or PM regime

After cleansing, apply a pearl size drop of Organic Nations’ Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum to the fingertips and massage gently into face and neck skin once a day. Moisturise as usual.

You can use Organic Nations’ Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum after overexposure to the sun to help minimise sun damage.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Certified organic content: 80%

Organic Aloe Vera Gel: Luscious Aloe Vera provides the nourishment and humectant properties that the skin needs to repair and maintain moisture.

Vitamin A: The bio-Retinol Provento (algae microsphere) reduces wrinkles, fades brown spots, and smoothes roughness.

Vitamin B: Niacinamide boosts ceramide production and strengthens the skin’s barrier function, key for locking in moisture and keeping irritants and pollutants out. It has also been known to help reduce diffused redness and the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C: Stimulates natural collagen production, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Its antioxidant power also protects skin from external ageing free radicals.
Sodium Ascorbate Phosphate: The most advanced and stable form of anti-photodamage Vitamin C.

Vitamin E: This superstar has been proven to ease dryness and boost your UV defense. It’s the top nurturing moisturizer, an antioxidant that defies age and retains moisture.

Rose: Will not only protect and hydrate your skin but also awaken your senses and calm your mind.


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