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CLARIFYING prep solution


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The Clarifying Prep Solution by Société is the best friend for problematic skin types. Why? It targets specific concerns of ageing, congestion, and acne while making sure the basic needs of your skin are met. That means that Société’s Clarifying Prep Solution creates the ideal conditions in your complexion for the rest of your active skincare system to be highly effective. This toner is an all-around corrective tool to treat the root of problematic skin concerns.

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01 Benefits

Société’s Clarifying Prep Solution brings renewed hydration and health to inflamed and congested skin, thanks to its cutting-edge, botanically-sourced actives such as Witch Hazel.

The antioxidants in this toner (like Grape Seed Extract) work to maximize your skin’s defenses against ageing and photodamage.

The Clarifying Prep Solution by Société supports the natural processes of the skin— unclogging of pores, sebum balancing,exfoliation of dead cells and production of healthy new layers.

The perfect toner to treat your problematic skin issues while complementing the action of your whole system.

02 Application

Use this toner as part of your AM or PM system

Apply Société’s Clarifying Prep Solution after cleansing your skin deeply. Dampen a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face and neck. Follow this preparation with your chosen skin corrective agent to work towards your particular skin goals.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Allantoin: A deep-acting healing agent that promotes the exfoliation of older skin cells and the resurfacing of new, healthy ones. This targets problem areas and scar marks effectively, while providing a boost of hydration.

Vitamin C: Ascorbic Acid defends the skin from environmental damage and the oxidation that causes ageing. Works hard to keep inflammation in check and optimise the skin tone against pigmentation.

Hamamelis Virginiana Water refreshes, minimizes inflammation, and acts as a toner and super-hydrating healing agent.

Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A): An all-around, superpowered conditioning agent, this Retinol product is the last-generation tool to accelerate the production of youthful, even skin layers and letting go of the old ones.

Salicylic Acid: With low irritation, this acid is your ally against concerns like acne, clogging, and congestion. Dissolves old skin structures and preps the canvas for the rest of your skincare system.

Tocopheryl Acetate: An antioxidant, Vitamin E supports the shielding and deep hydration of individual skin cells, as well as repairing damage from irritated skin conditions and environmental stress.


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