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Refinishing Plus


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The Refinishing Complex Plus by Société is a cutting-edge formulation that harnesses the power of scientifically researched ingredients to target all of the retexturizing needs of your skin. Suitable also for ageing and problematic skin types Société’s Refinishing Complex Plus contains several high-performance forms of retinol and AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). This serum adds an extra boost to Société’s classic Refinishing formulation. The Pigment Regulating Technology (PRT) is an advanced delivery system that makes sure that all the potent nutrients in Société’s Refinishing Complex Plus enter the deepest layer of your skin cells.

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01 Benefits

Refinishing Complex Plus by Société is designed to enhance the natural regeneration processes of your skin. This means this formulation is ideal for ageing skin types, as well as problem skin types (dealing with acne or breakouts), and skin types damaged by environmental stress (such as pigmentation).

The benefits of this serum are minimized inflammation, the exfoliation of old and damaged cells, and the production of rejuvenated and healthy skin layers.

02 Application

You can use Société’s Refinishing Complex Plus in the AM and PM

PM usage is preferable.

After your corrector step, dispense one pump of Société’s Refinishing Complex Plus and, with clean hands, spread evenly over the skin of your face. You can add an extra pump for the neck area.

If your skin type is not sensitive, you can apply this serum again in the AM routine to enhance the effects. Because of the Retinoid and AHAs content, make sure to use SPF after this product in the AM. Avoid any contact with the eyes and, if irritation appears, stop using this product.

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Retinol, a potent form of Vitamin A, is the key refinishing agent in this serum. It penetrates the membranes of your cells to progressively and efficiently produce new collagen and nutrients. This means more natural exfoliation and healthier, younger skin that’s even in tone and texture. Retinol minimizes breakouts.

Glyceryl Diretinoate is the latest development in terms of scientifically-designed Retinoids. By adding this component to the formulation, Société’s Refinishing Complex Plus doubles its active performance with no added irritation. This is a gentle but potent way to deliver skin-enhancing nutrients to across cell membranes.

Salicylic Acid: This oil-soluble AHA loosens excess sebum from your pores and flushes them out, balancing your complexion and targeting the root of skin issues such as acne.

Glycolic Acid: Another AHA, this acid acts fast by resurfacing new skin cells and purging the old ones by dislodging their membrane locks. It’s perfect to relieve congestion quickly.

Lactic Acid hydrates and smoothes, providing targeted nourishment that reduces the signs of ageing (like fine lines and pigmentation).


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