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Rejuvenating Peptide Mask

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The Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask by Société was scientifically designed to deliver a calming and moisturizing effect to your damaged skin. Have you had micro-needling, surgical procedures, injections, or any treatments involving skin ablation? Société’s Rejuvenating Peptide Mask is the ideal choice for restoration. What’s more, it can even be used during facials and microdermabrasion treatments.

This mask uses innovative tech, TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) to deliver high-performance ingredients by skin temperature activation. Société’s Rejuvenating Peptide Mask is a rich sheet imbued with a unique formulation of peptides, plant based stem cells and great anti-aging ingredients, which help you achieve skin rejuvenation: smoothness, hydration, and elasticity.

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01 Benefits

Société’s Rejuvenating Peptide Mask is an instant solution: it’s designed to calm, cool, and sooth your skin post-haste, so it’s perfect for when you’re in a pinch.
This mask minimizes any puffiness and redness your complexion might be experiencing, refreshing it.

Perfect for treating severely dry and stressed skin, the Rejuvenating Peptide Mask by Société delivers deep, active hydration that boosts your own’s skin ability to regulate moisture. Even more, it shields your complexion from external stressors and keeps hydration in by reinforcing the skin’s barrier function.

With 5 masks that are good for all skin types per box, you can take charge of your skin goals today.

02 Application

Use when your skin needs it. How?

Open the sealed pouch, remove one mask from its protective sheets and apply to your face.

Leave the mask on your face for 15-30 minutes. Use the time to relax!

Remove the mask and gently massage any remaining moisture into the skin until it’s absorbed.

For extra cooling effect, keep your masks in the refrigerator!

03 Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Peptides have a strong anti-ageing action and this one is no exception. It works to minimize lines and wrinkles formed by expression by intercepting brain signals— the closest you get to age-combating surgery without any intervention!

Rhododendron Ferrugineum Leaf Cell Culture Extract: Alpine Rose is an innovative, age-defying ingredient that targets the oxidative (irreparable ageing) process of the proteing in your skin cells, protecting them. It also improves your cells’ ability to fight off external stressors.

Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract: This rare apple variety has been proven to shield your skin cells and keep them structurally sound, making for healthy, youthful cells for longer!
Hydrolyzed Collagen: Is a key protein to maintain elasticity in your skin— as well as combat age-related dryness with that glowing, well-hydrated action.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Hyaluronic Acid is a superstar, deep-acting component that stimulate and optimise collagen and elastin in your cells, keeping your skin smooth, plump, and profoundly nourished. It hydrates you from the deepest layers and up!

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: This scientifically-achieved licorice extract minimizes skin flaking and dryness while gently soothing irritation and inflammation.

Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract displays strong anti-inflammatory, calming, and protective properties that support the restorative effect of the mask.


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