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Pam Zakostelsky, CEO of Miss Vitality

A  Down to Earth Journey with Miss Vitality….

A naturopath of 17 years mother of 3 and businesswoman, I have created a  wellness company for women like myself, which has emerged into a wellness movement, inspiring women to be their best and be a positive influence on the world around them.

Specialising throughout my career on the effects of oxidative stress within our body, Pam’s research highlighted the crippling effects that toxins and stress have on our wellness and longevity and as a direct result, the effect that it has on our skin. High acidity in the body causes premature aging. High-stress levels, environment, lack of healthy food preparation all deplete our system and we become less energised, out of balance, moody, lack inspiration and lose the glow from our skin.

With these findings Miss Vitality was born; a wellness movement that represents nourishment on a cellular level protecting our cells from the damages we face within our environment, the food we eat and stress levels from everyday demands.

Pam’s vision is to inspire people with rituals and products that are easy to use ongoing, to light them up and see them bursting with the necessary vitality to achieve what was previously unreachable.

Everyone Starts Somewhere along with whirlwinds and speed bumps along the way, bring your journey to life?

Great question! I was an unhealthy young person and had challenges of self-image and lacking nourishment through unhealthy habits and mindset. I began to understand the relationship between myself and how I look and feel through nourishment and self-care practices and learning to love who I was and how to feed my body the right things to thrive. Over the years of balancing the passion for helping women to step up there vitality and love for themselves in caring for there skin from the inside and then the juggle of a family – I had to work out a way to have both in harmony with one another, then was born the Miss Vitality Mission. My clients were often inflamed, skin condition sufferers, feeling flat and unhealthy in the way they looked and felt in themselves. This began the very huge process of developing a successful range of Skin Supplements that also were balancing the body and mind swell.

Have you always been into Skincare and Wellness? Yes! I have always worked in Day Spas and from the age of 16 I volunteered in a Reiki House for Cancer patients and I began learning about natural medicine and fermenting kombucha that was 23 years ago! 


What motivates and drives you to follow through with your business goals and personal development? If I can be the best I can be then my products and the training and mission will also be the very best it can be. I believe that business is an extension of who we are and what change do we wish to see in people and the world. This is my drive… that women feel beautiful in there skin.

What does success mean to you and how much do you think success is built on luck?I don’t feel it is built on luck I believe you make your own luck by being the best version of yourself. If you can be kind and lift others up then this is a true success.

Beauty is more than the surface – What does beauty mean to you? Beauty is about seeing beauty. Appreciating beauty from our own eyes means we recognise the beauty within us and therefore recognise it in others. Beauty is happiness and health shining from the inside.

What does your skincare and wellness morning and night routine look like? I take my morning very seriously as the way we start our day shapes our mindset and vitality internally and externally. I usually start my mornings waking up at 5 am because I  want to utilise every minute of the day but more importantly, there’s something quite special about seeing the sun come up, it’s so therapeutic. I believe water and the ocean is incredibly healing and detoxifying, I drink 300 ml of purified water then head out for a swim at my favorite beach. I absolutely swear by Clean Tea – I start my mornings drinking one cup of the Clean Tea to help cleanse, detoxify and balance my skin and body but more importantly, it really does give my skin a dewy glow and I just feel absolutely amazing internally with every cup. I’m a huge smoothie victim – I love making breakfast smoothies with Elevate and adding a shot of flaxseed oil for my good fats. I’m currently using Osmosis skincare atm.

As for my evening routine, I like to finish my day with another cup of Clean Tea to purify my body and help with the detoxifying and purifying process during the sleeping hours. Again, I use Osmosis, my favouirte anti-ageing serum is hydration Quench . The most important part of my evening routine is really investing that time and energy back into yourself to let go of the day and recharge your mind and soul – I like to meditate with some aromatherapy oils which I use on my pillow or temple. I then read a mindfulness of some sort – I’m currently reading, “The Magicians Way“,  which I highly recommend.

Favourite beauty and wellness product? Can I answer this with my own? LOL, Of course, it’s my Cleanse Kit – Elevate, Clean Tea, Good oil, Curcumi

How do you manage mental health and self-care? Definitely knowing your limitations and I know mine, I am always connecting in and checking in how I am going and when you do the daily practice you really can notice where you need support and care and what needs to be addressed. This is conscious living and loving yourself. I’m not perfect with this and sometimes I get beyond that awareness point where I need a good top up of self-nourishment, pampering and filling up my cup and I try to do this a few times a year where I spend a few days away building this relationship with myself again this then has an affect on my work and family and general wellbeing so it’s very important to me.

Tell us what is your favourite Book, Restaurant and Travel  Destination?

Lastly, What does it mean to be healthy?

Health is the radical care and love of the self, Body Mind, and Spirit  ?

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