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kimberley Fernandez, Founder & Intuition Coach – Soul Remedy

I am the founder of Soul Remedy, and I am a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, a Yoga Teacher, Intuition & Creative Development Teacher, and Holistic Life Coach. Soul Remedy is a business and service that is dedicated to providing a natural, holistic and sustainable pathway to a life where people can be self-empowered, and live a life that is in alignment with their heart, their true nature, and their most authentic self. I work with people on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, and address each individual as a unique whole being and take a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing. After all, everything is connected and all aspects of ourselves are intricately interconnected. My why is that I am insanely passionate about seeing more people in the world living a fully self-expressed life, where they let their unique soul, their talents, their gifts, and their voice explode out into the world, and shine bright. From very little I have been obsessed with all the great philosophical questions of life, and how we can live our best life. I was raised by a Father who is also a Coach and a creative Mother, so this environment definitely was fuel to my fire. Second, to that, I am a huge advocate and believer that we are naturally far more powerful than what we give ourselves credit for, and what society leads us to believe. Through the tools and services that I teach and offer, I aim to help people re-ignite their own inner power, inner voice, and inner genius. Taking them on a journey that inevitably allows them to heal what needs to be healed, grow into their greatest self, and create a life for themselves where they are able to live in love, joy, and flow. I personally have been on the journey myself, and have experienced great challenges, darkness and mental illness in my own past, so I know first hand that these tools work and I am grateful to share them with the world.

Explain Your Motivation. 

What drives me is my own inner voice, my intuition, my creative spirit and the fire inside of me that sparks me up. It tells me when I am in alignment, and when I am expressing my greatest joy, my greatest truth, and it tells me when I am off track. I believe in and teach to all of my clients/students that we are here to express what’s in our hearts and to create a life that we love and want to share with the world, and I do the same. It has taken me many years though of practice, building trust in my own inner voice, and developing my intuition. What motivates me is seeing my clients, my students and others, in general, doing the inner work, and then stepping out of the box, and being courageous to share their heart and soul with the world. They become larger than life, and to me, that is just magic. Mental illness is huge in the world right now, and I think now more than ever people need to connect back into themselves and find their own power again. 

Your Inspirations. 

Anyone who is waking up every day, defying the odds, and choosing to live a life true to themselves, and allowing their unique spirit, and inner queen/king to shine bright. If I was to choose someone it would be my Dad, who is doing just that, despite having a serious illness. 

Do You Believe In Luck? 

To me, success has no specific conditions because what success looks like to every person is completely different. To one person it could be a life of travel, and to another person, it could be having a family. To me personally, success is delivering my message and gifts out into the world and serving as many people as I can with what I know. I would also love to have a beautiful family of my own and to continue to experience the richness of the world. As long as someone is waking up and doing what’s in their heart, that is the success to me. I don’t believe in luck at all, but that’s just my personal opinion. I believe we are very powerful creators, and we might not get to choose how we start, but we do get to choose every day how we live our life. It has a lot to do with how self-aware we are, and how much we are willing to be self-responsible for ourselves and our life. 

What Does Being Beautiful & Healthy Mean To You?

To me, beauty and health are just as much about mindset and emotional wellbeing, as it is about physicality. Being healthy and feeling great physically, is definitely an important thing to cultivate, however, if we don’t feel good inside then the physicality doesn’t’ mean much at all. In fact, many people look incredible physically, yet are very unhealthy in their mind and spirit. So I say always, start with the inside when it comes to our wellbeing and beauty, and work your way outwards. One of the biggest principles I teach is about understanding where you are coming from first before you start looking at where you are going. Self-awareness is key to cultivating a happy and healthy life. If someone is going to the gym five times a week or wearing a lot of make up every day because they believe if they do this then they will become good enough, or they will belong, then it’s coming from a very negative place, which is only going to keep growing. Yet if they are doing these things because its a pure expression of what they love doing every day, then I would say that is a healthy place to be. 

Self-care Routine. 

Currently, I am actually in the process of discovering new products that work for me and are more conscious and organic. I have never been someone who had a strict routine every single day, I rather gage how my skin is feeling, and base it on that. I feel our skin is no different to our emotions or any other part of our body, sometimes it needs a break. These days I don’t wear make up most days, so some days I will just splash my face with cold water and put on some argan oil or a light moisturiser. On the days I do wear makeup, then I will cleanse, scrub and moisturise at the end of the day. Currently, I am using Dr. Organics and I absolutely love their range, it’s cleansing, nourishing and doesn’t strip your skin or leave a layer on top either. Particularly their manuka honey face scrub is amazing. I have recently started using the beauty tofu activated charcoal serum as well at night, and my skin is absolutely glowing from it. A facemask once a week I also highly recommend, as it’s not just great for your skin, but its a nice little self-care ritual you can pair with a bath and self-pampering. 

My morning routine is quite simple, I always have a glass of lemon water as soon as I wake up. It’s hydrating, cleansing, an immune boost and a fresh way to start the day I feel. Then I spend just a couple minutes doing a visualisation meditation, focusing on the end results of my current life choices (goals), followed by any writing or journalling I may feel called to do. Then I start my day! – And I must admit I am a guilty coffee and avocado lover for breakfast. At night I always take a few minutes to acknowledge what I have achieved for the day, get clear on my intentions for the following day and then read a book that’s good for the soul before I go to sleep. I think for routines what works for everyone is different, it’s about taking the time to find what feels good and works for you. There is no right way to be.

Mental Health. 

I would say specifically I have dozens of tools, methods, and resources I call upon depending on the situation, that is pulled from the various practices I teach in yoga, meditation, psychology work, energy work, emotions management, and general wellbeing. Again every person is unique, and so what works for them is unique to them. In a general sense, I am always asking myself, what is it that I need in that moment to take care of me? to fill my own cup? – and the answer is always different. Anytime I am feeling challenged or not great, I will tune into my intuition and ask what I need, and whatever I get guided to do, I will do that. I will put that first over anything else, every time. You see the biggest thing I find with many of my clients when they first come to me, is that they don’t trust their inner voice and they don’t know how to self soothe themselves. They don’t understand why they are experiencing mental illness or where it’s coming from. Hence, this is why developing a strong sense of self-awareness, and a strong intuition is so crucial. Intuition work is not mystic woo stuff, it is the doorway to the core of who we are and our connection to our true self. Everyone has one. 

Favorite Holiday Destination, Restaurant, Artist & Book?

Holiday destination – This is a hard one, but if I had to choose one, I do love Byron Bay for a mini holiday break. I will let you know after I go to South America next year though! 

Restaurant – Fonda, Mexican – and a place called Food Alley in Auckland, NZ (the best malaysian food! )

Artist – Florence & The Machine + gotta love Beyonce.

Book – Anatomy of The Spirit, Eat Pray Love & The Last Shaman


  1. Denise

    I am very impressed and recognize all that you do and practice you really live and believe in.. you are incredibly real and authentic.. I love you so much and wish you every success as you move forward developing and growing your business. The world needs more people like you. Im so impressed and proud of you.

    1. S.H.E

      Hi Denise, hello from the Skin Health Emporium team. Thank you kindly for your thoughts and compliments. In a world where we’re increasingly prioritising our external world, especially within the beauty industry, we’re losing ourselves to what the external world thinks we should be, although we can take inspiration from the external world, ultimately real self, beauty and health roots down from within ourselves. Looking forward to seeing you at The Mindfulness Beauty Event. SHE team x

    2. S.H.E

      Hi Denise, Thank you so much for supporting Skin Health Emporium and The Mindfulness Beauty Event. Kimberley is an absolute star and a pleasure to collaborate with. Look forward to seeing you at the next Mindfulness Beauty Event. Love, Skin Health Emporium xx

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