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What Does Chirally Correct Mean

Many state-of-the-art skincare lines tout their products as ‘chirally correct’, but the truth is that, despite it sounding all progressive and advanced, most people don’t know what that actually means. Is it a real asset that will heap previously-unheard-of benefits on your skin? Or just another marketing ploy?

At Skin Health Emporium we believe that knowledge is power and that power is beauty. That’s why we’ve reviewed the leading scientific voices of the beauty and skincare world and brought you back the tools to take control of your own skin health.

Here are the top 5 scientific reasons to choose chirally correct cosmeceuticals for your skincare.

1. Molecules are not symmetrical

Ever taken a selfie and wondered why one side of your face looks different from the other? We’ve all been there (hint: it makes you beautiful and unique)! In nature, asymmetry is the rule. That means that the parts that compose molecules are mirror images of each other, yet they can’t be superimposed on each other. The image doesn’t match. Fun fact: chiral comes from the Greek word for ‘hand’— it’s as if molecules had a right and a left hand. This fundamental difference gives each side of the molecule different properties.

2. Your skin is picky

Because of this structural variability, you get particles that have a unique personality. The links between the different parts of each ‘half’ can vary from one particle to the next, and this determines just how well your body reacts to them. Why? Receptors in your cells interact with each of the chiral forms of a molecule in different ways. One side can be incredibly beneficial, while the other one is ineffective or (even worse) damaging to your skin. For example, vitamin C has two chiral forms. One of them, L-ascorbic acid, is your best friend when it comes to age management and evening out your skin tone. The other one, however, can cause irritation or, at best, do nothing.

Secret tip: check out the Brightening Serum by Cosmedix for the best of chirally correct L-ascorbic acid. Ageing signs, au revoir!

3. Did you know Chirally correct skincare protects your complexion

If you have sensitive skin (and, really, even if you don’t), it’s a good idea to protect it from stressors. Chirally correct formulations take fabulous active ingredients (like Vitamin E and peptides) and optimise them to a T. Essentially, this process makes sure that the goodies you’re feeding your skin are safe and stable. Chiral correction is about minimising irritants and possible allergens to suit even the fussiest of complexions. Experts at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute state ‘By maximizing the potential of molecules that react with the skin in a positive manner, the likelihood for adverse reactions is greatly minimized’. Science is creating a radical revolution in the world of advanced skincare.

4.  Does Chirally correct means natural

Lab-produced chemicals tend to not be chirally correct. Instead, they’re usually structured in what’s called a ‘racemate’ form: imbalanced and with impure properties. The great news? On the other hand, naturally sourced ingredients do most often fit the chirally correct bill. Hence, the best ingredients for you are also the best ingredients for the planet!

Note: All natural ingredients and eco-friendly formulations? Do I hear the name of Organic Nations?

5.  How to get the most out of your cosmeceuticals

Skin-friendly, biologically available components are the most effective. Whatever is chirally correct will sink into your skin better and have a much more effective impact on the issues you’re targeting.  Maybe you’re vanquishing open pores with Medik8’s Pore Refining Scrub and its chirally correct Mandelic Acid; maybe you’re restoring an instagrammable glow with (good) panthenol-rich Caviar Lime Brightening Serum by Eight Brook’s. The key is to choose balanced, powerful, and gentle cosmeceuticals.Why don’t you check out our treasure trove of (science approved) chirally correct skincare?

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