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What is Ayurvedic Medicine

Feel imbalanced? Thrown off the track? Out of whack? Every Millennial (and, honestly, anyone living in the real world today) experiences levels of stress astronomically higher than ever before.

Job pressure, crazy commutes and deadlines, personal issues (including crazy new relationship dynamics and pitfalls), and soaring eco-anxiety— sometimes it might seem like everything in the world conspires to make you feel stressed and overloaded. Add unhealthy, processed foods into the mix and you’ve got a veritable hurricane coming our way.

The answer? Most of us have a tricky tendency to just buy the next sheet mask, bath bomb, or hot little black number. But retail therapy and the purely cosmetic approach are little more than a temporary cover to the problems underneath.

‘Cause yeah, your skin is softer, but do you really feel better?

Chances are the answer is ‘no’. So what can we do? Perhaps, adopt a more holistic perspective that treats our bodies, minds, and spirits as a whole instead of a bunch of disconnected mechanical parts.

The basics— What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one such approach. This ancient school of medicine stemming from the philosophy of India means, literally, ‘the science of life’. And, boy, it’s on the rise!

Celebs all over the world are flocking to specialists in this millenary art— like Vogue-worthy new yorker Candice Forness or, closer to home, the India-trained and Sydney-based Dylan Smith.

But what is Ayurveda? The basic principle: our bodies, like everything else in the universe, are made up of (3) different energies or gunas. In an ideal state, all energies inside of us are balanced, working with each other to keep the whole healthy and working properly.

But all that stress and poor nutrition we’ve been jabbering about have a big impact on them. They get upset by external toxins and emotional upheaval, leading to negative effects such as digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, frequent headaches, and even premature ageing of the skin.

Ayurveda works to detox the body and bring all the energies into a working balance once again. This restores your natural good health— and radiant skin.

It’s all in the ingredients.

In fact, one of the branches of Ayurveda, called Rasayana (dazzlingly translated as ‘alchemy’) is devoted to using natural ingredients like ghee, fruit, and many herbs to rejuvenate the body and mind.

The thing is— every natural ingredient has an energy of its own, just like us. The key is using that external energy to balance the existing flow of energy in the body and let go of toxins.

Practice, practice, practice.

If Ayurveda is anything, it’s not superficial. This is a holistic system designed for all the aspects of life (and we do believe that, if you’re truly into it, you should visit an Ayurvedic specialist!).

That means taking care of your body with proper rest and mindful exercise (like yoga) and balancing your mind with high thoughts and meditation that reduces stress. We agree— wellness and beauty are holistic!

Let’s talk about food. Basically, according to Ayurveda, you should cut out all processed foods and meat, alcohol, mushrooms, reheated or old meals (yuck).

Say yes to lots of fresh veggies + fruit, legumes, and grain, organic dairy and eggs, seeds and nuts, olive oil.

What we love.

Beauty Tofu, one of the coolest up-and-coming brands in Aussie clean & eco-beauty, is all about that Ayurvedic goodness. Their philosophy is about offering the skin only clean, organic ingredients that will help it heal and thrive naturally. Some of our faves:

  • C1 Detox— Combining Mojave desert clay (edible, of course) with gut-balancing Psyllium and restorative Omega 3, 6 & 9, this detox powder will help you start your skin-healing treatment with the right foot (or spoonful).
  • C3 Cleanse— A purifying cleanser and mask charged with turmeric (traditional Ayurvedic antiseptic), detoxing activated charcoal, and anti-inflammatory Manuka oil. Plus, raspberry seeds for rejuvenation.
  • Vitamin C Spritz— The ultimate refreshing mist to rehydrate your skin in the middle of all life’s stressors. Witch hazel, hibiscus, and a nourishing Vitamin complex work to balance and nourish whenever your complexion calls for it.

If you’re in Sydney, you might want to swing by Dylan Smith’s exclusive Vital Veda, a Bronte Beach holistic center where they’ll align you with nature and your inner world. Get a basic consultation and some interesting treatment like the Transformative Chakra Therapy Package— and tell us what happens.

What do you think of Ayurveda? Planning on applying any principles to your daily routines? Tell us in the comments!

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