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What is CBD oil?

If you’re anywhere in social media, you’ve seen a clear trend by now. Top influencers, the bohemian jet setting crowd, your cousin Martha— everyone’s talking about CBD oil. But what is CBD oil, really? Is it legal? And is it a fad or truly worth your time?

What is CBD oil? Here are the basics.

CBD oil— also known by its full name, cannabidiol, or hemp oil— is an active extracted from a type of cannabis plant called hemp (the non-psychoactive cousin). Specifically, this oil is taken from the flowers and the buds of the plant.

Now, first things first: CBD oil doesn’t get you high, as it typically contains only small amounts of THC (the ‘stoned’ component). There’s still some in there, though. In fact, full plant CBD oil— containing traces of THC and other botanical components— is recommended by experts, as it’s safer + engages your natural receptors better.

As for concentration and strength, it varies from product to product. You’ll find the information in the label— typically from 2.5 to 10.

And how is CBD oil made? The industry uses three methods to extract: CO2 (tip-top quality), steam, or solvents (careful there!). This should also be specified by the manufacturer.

What does CBD oil do?

Why should you even want to use it? CBD oil has myriad health benefits— some (like, surprisingly, managing childhood Epilepsia) that are already scientifically proven, some that are being studied right now.

The chemical lowdown. CBD works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system: a set of neurons, nerve paths, and enzymes that are naturally found in the human body.

Taken internally— as oil tincture drops, in edibles (did anyone say brownies?) or capsules—, CBD can help you deal with chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety and other mental health issues, appetite problems and more.

External use— as reported by Vogue— is also on the rise: CBD skincare is the grooviest trend on the market. We love its rejuvenating fatty acids as well as its active moisturising game. It’s a treasure chest full of skin benefits.

Is it legal to use CBD?

Now, we don’t want you to get into legal mayhem or incur in the wrath of the authorities. That’s why we beg you not to take this article as legal advice. CBD oil is still a complicated issue in many countries and states and there is no one-size-fits-all rule.

Australian babes: check out this government site for more clarity. And, if you can, get your access to CBD oil cleared up via a doctor’s referral— with the added benefit of checking that your CBD product is one hundred percent safe to use and doesn’t contain artificial nasties.

Have you already tried this newly minted botanical superstar? If the answer is ‘not yet’, now that you know what is CBD oil you’re one step closer to reaping all the goodness.

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