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What is Cosmetic Acupuncture

From The Beginning. 

So I polish diamonds for a living! I practice Cosmetic Acupuncture— it’s a traditional, natural alternative to having botox, fillers, or a facelift. I love making women feel good about themselves. When they look good, it fills their cup and they have more energy to invest in their family, friends, and community. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone come in tired or stressed only to then leave completely revived!

I use Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to balance the body’s internal systems and help develop health and vibrancy. It’s beautiful— people get the sparkle back in their eyes and you see who they truly are inside. That is what fills me with joy every day.

About the technical details: I start by taking their Chinese Medicine pulse (different to radial and heart rate pulse), and use my knowledge of Chinese Medicine to read what their organs and internal systems are trying to say. A bit like opening a window into their soul. This helps us understand that radiant inner sparkle that makes a person unique. What we do is simply “buff the surface”— balance hormones, stress, and guts so that the sparkle radiates out for others to see.

I’m proud to say that, at Zhong Centre, we offer people the widest variety of options for their skin and age-management goals. I love being able to enhance any botox regime without interfering with the results. And, ultimately, that we help people enjoy the beauty of their own bodies without sacrificing their ethics to achieve real, long-term results.

What Drives You? 

The honest truth? I really enjoy swearing and can’t really swear if working for someone else, so being my own boss was, in the end, inevitable. (*laughs*) 

But really— my business would be incongruent if I wasn’t constantly working on my own personal development. I’m grateful that the very nature of my business keeps me accountable. I have to look after my personal health and well-being; otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to be fully present for my clients and their needs.

Practicing Chinese Medicine is a beast of constant learning, understanding, being totally wrong about what you thought was solid ground— and then beginning the cycle all over again. A Doctor I learned from in my internship in China once told me, “After 20 years of practising I still know nothing”. That humble statement always motivates me to ensure I continue to research, test and grow.

What about goals? Well, I’m one of those people who visibly cringe at the word ‘goal’— to me, goals have always been moving targets. And I find that when you don’t fit within the paradigm of ‘normal go-getters’, it can be hard to measure when or how you achieve something. Mostly, because by then I usually am already planning or striving for the next goal or project.

I stay motivated by reminding myself I’m still not married to Keanu Reeves and I don’t have a yacht in Italy… (yet). There’s always more to check off that bucket list!


I’m always deeply inspired by full-time parents. These are people who sacrifice their own wants for little humans continually, day in and day out. They definitely have a kind of patience that I am yet to learn!

Also— Beyonce is a massive inspiration. I admire how, even on a day off  or when things don’t go as planned, she always stays positive and driven. Nothing interferes with her self-respect or how ‘on fleek’ she is— she’s a goddess! Just like Queen Bey,  I believe we can all become our own inner Goddess if we cultivate the right attitude. Beyonce doesn’t give a shit about her thigh gap! She is a formidable partner, mother, business tycoon, and humans rights activist— all while wearing sequins. I try to channel my inner Beyonce every time I use a healing needle with one of my clients.

Do You Believe In Luck? 

As I have very high standards, I find success a difficult thing to define… Like everyone else, I struggle with a tricky dichotomy: on the one hand, social media portrays (what it wants me to believe is) ’success’. On the other, reality often doesn’t look as perfect as through a nice Instagram filter.

Besides that— I really don’t believe that success is built on luck. People might say I’m lucky, but the truth is I’ve worked my ass off and made sacrifices to bring my business up to where it is now. I imagine the sacrifices to come will continue to mount. If I thought success was a game of luck, I’d be buying lottery tickets instead of working hard. I know some may perceive where I currently am as ‘success’, but I’m still definitely striving!

Ultimately, I guess success is when you finally get your life’s balance right on your terms. I’m still tweaking this, but I’m confident I’ll get there.

Your Beauty & Wellness Beliefs?

Being beautiful means that when you walk there’s a swish in your stride, some pep in your step… ‘Beautiful’ is all the unique quirks that make you special. When it comes to cosmetic treatments I always ask my clients what their favourite features are— So we can build confidence into the best parts of you.

Being healthy means you have enough energy to go out and live your life, work on your dreams, meet your friends. But, of course, if you want to relax on the couch, you can totally do that too because you don’t feel guilty or obligated to anybody.

I want my clients to exude beauty and health. Yes, that can look like kindness and thoughtfulness, but it’s also women yelling, ‘I’m a hot tamale’ at the top of their lungs!

Self-care Rituals

First, I make sure to sleep on silk pillowcases— because it would make Queen Bey proud.

To tell the truth, I don’t enjoy mornings. So I try to make my morning routine as smooth as possible. Most mornings I can’t function without coffee, which is actually great, as it means I have to get up and go for a walk.

Sometimes I start the day with Chinese herbs (depending on the season or my moon cycle), and I always take an Iron and Collagen supplement to manage stress or sleepless nights better.

After my wellness morning routine is over, I use a light serum, good sunscreen, and then I apply Glow Sha my face. That usually happens in the car, as I forget I sell facial therapies for a living! Once my skin feels as good as I do, I put on my eye make-up before I start work (the rear vision mirror is the best lighting for eyeliner, FYI 🙂 ).

And about my evening routine— throughout the week, I switch between cleansing my skin with a salicylic acid solution and using retinol oil.

I use a natural Chinese Herbal Medicine masque— which I import from the hospital I trained in— for deep hydration. It ensures my skin is soft, full, and clear of bacteria. My best-kept secret is my pulse glo (a galvanic headset), which infuses my mask deeper into the skin layers. This is the key to keeping my skin fresh and firm with the daily Glow Sha routine.

I also make sure to get cosmetic acupuncture myself as often as I can— weekly if possible! I like collagen Derma Rolling treatments fortnightly if I miss my acupuncture, and I have an LED light at home.

As part of my wellness routine, I typically include traditional Chinese bone broth in my diet to balance and nourish. My bane? I LOVE sugar, so I have to stay very disciplined! I’m only allowed home-cooked desserts, and that only after eating 5 different veggies (yes, I have to bribe myself to stay on track).

I do everything I can to keep active— from walking to surfing, sometimes I even attempt yoga. In the end, life’s all about challenging yourself! You should know that, among my friends, I’m notorious for seriously HATING exercise. But being a practitioner, I could never say that on the internet, right?! 

Mental Health

I schedule deliberate downtime to keep myself sane. During those times, I stay well away from work and the clinic. I’ll also do deliberate anti-human days just get away from the hustle and bustle and be able to unwind. I also love getting therapy and acupuncture, of course.

I’m an avid eater. I love food as much as I hate exercise— so, mostly, I try to eat well and reduce my uber eats as much as possible.

Naturally, my girl Beyonce is a good source of self-care. Thus, I love belting her songs out in the car every chance I get. In my day-to-day, I make sure to notice the small moments of mindfulness. A good Harry Potter book never hurts!

Deep down, I believe anything self-care oriented is about finding a balance. We can never be perfect at everything at any one time.

Favorite Holiday Destination, Restaurant, Artist, & Book?

Destination: Tough choice, but it would have to be between Bali and Mykonos. If Mykonos had any surf, I think I’d never leave. But Balinese culture has me in awe. I love exploring the different hidden villages and getting away from other tourists by heading off the beaten track.

Artist: Can’t you guess already? Definitely Beyonce! I’ve also been listening to heaps of Japanese Wallpaper, I love the high-vibe mood electronic music puts me in.

Book: Harry Potter— on repeat. The story is so colourful and there’s zero romantic drama, overly convoluted sexual bullshit, or horrific murders. The stories are simply fun to read and easy to lose yourself in. I also love JK Rowling’s life story: I think she’s phenomenal. Her books are a colourful brain break from all the research and health journals that are part of my job.

Restaurant: I live for Tokyo Tina! They make the most delicious Hot Toddy.

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