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Which Skin Type Do You Have?

‘What is my skin type?’ Quit the guesswork

Trying to navigate all the new skincare trends and choosing what’s best for your skin type isn’t easy. Having so many options out can make even self-care overwhelming— and we like to keep our wellness rituals fun

More importantly— we like to get products that work instead of yet another ineffectual bottle that looks pretty but does nothing. How can you find ingredients and formulas that your skin will love?

As the adage says, ‘know thyself’. The first step to getting active skincare that does the trick is knowing your skin. More precisely, answering the age-old question ‘what is my skin type?’.

What is my skin type?

Your skin type is coded in your genes. You’re born with the factors that determine it: the blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the oil that these produce.

But your skin type isn’t set in stone— it can change as you go through hormonal roller coasters like puberty, pregnancy, birth control, and (pre)menopause.

There are no good or bad skin types. Trying to change yours isn’t only futile, it’s also unnecessary. What your complexion wants is balance: skincare that maintains and balances its skin type’s needs daily.

So what are the skin type names? No need for any skin type quiz— just read on to find yours.

Do I have an acne skin type?

Perhaps the most googled of all skin types, if you have it, you probably already know it. Complex to care for, acne skin is caused by a combination of genetic factors, whole-body issues, and external factors.

Essentially, acne-prone skin naturally produces more and thicker oil. Add higher concentrations of dead skin cells and you get the perfect home for bacteria— that’s how pores get blocked and infection begins.

Traits of acne skin type:

  • You have fine skin dotted with visibly broken blood vessels and flushed in the T-zone and cheeks.
  • The skin looks dull and there might be fine lines besides the hallmark pimples and blackheads.
  • Despite thicker skin oils, the skin feels hot, tight, and dehydrated with an uneven texture.

Treatment for acne skin types needs a savvy, all-around strategy. Your self-care shouldn’t be just about gentle external products (though those are a must!), but also about changing your diet to balance your gut and hormones from the inside out.

Skincare for acne skin type— C1 Detox by Beauty Tofu. This edible clay works to harmonize your gut bacteria and regulate hormone production for a healthier complexion.

Do I have oily skin?

Oily skin can feel like a blessing and a curse. On one hand, your supple skin is less prone to developing fine lines with ageing but, on the other, you often deal with congestion. It’s a matter of balancing it out.

Traits of oily skin type:

  • Your skin looks shiny and you can see open pores.
  • Your skin feels greasy and warm to the touch as well as being soft and elastic.
  • Some breakouts and blackheads cause irregularities.

For your core regime, you want to avoid heavy creams and stick to ingredients that are nourishing while not clogging any pores. Resist the temptation to go to the heavyweight alcohol-based cleansers: they’ll strip your skin and cause dehydration and ageing. Have a gentle exfoliation routine— think hydroxy acids.

Skincare for oily skin type— Phytostat 9 by Aspect. The best moisturizer for oily skin is intelligent and adaptable to changing hormonal cycles. This one hits the spot: it’s nourishing without being overwhelming, has natural oils that balance your skin’s, and it’s good for your AM and PM routines.

Do I have dry skin?

The blessing of a dry skin type: breakouts are mercifully few. The cons: flakiness and a no-glow, no-go complexion. Having this complexion feels like your face is constantly tightened, with a tendency to crinkle (premature ageing is common in this skin type).

Traits of dry skin type:

  • Dry skin looks dull and a bit lifeless. No open pores here— but lots of flaky bits.
  • When you touch dry skin, it feels cold, rough, and uneven.

The mainstay of caring for a dry skin type is providing the nourishing oils your cells don’t normally produce. This involves oil-based cleansers, masks, serums, and moisturisers. It also needs the support of a diet rich in fats and colourful veggies.

Skincare for dry skin type— R3 Serum by Beauty Tofu.

Do I have a sensitive skin type?

Sensitive skin is skin that displays dramatic reactions. This inflammation is caused by an excess of histamine— a normal body component that goes into overdrive fighting off external factors (like heat, harsh contact, and aggressive ingredients).

Traits of sensitive skin type:

  • Sensitive skin looks delicate and gets flushed easily.
  • It may show broken blood vessels as well as fine lines and dullness due to heat dehydration.
  • When touched, sensitive skin feels… well, sensitive. Think parched, fine, hot from inflammation, and with potential small injuries.

Sensitive skin types benefit from a core skincare regime of a few gentle products (SPF mandatory!), no external heat or friction, and a low-histamine diet (do check with your nutritionist first).

Skincare for sensitive skin type— Gentle Clean by Cosmedix. Thanks to its skin-sealing glycerine and soothing willow herb, this light hydrofoam cleanser is kind to the most delicate complexions.

Do I have a normal skin type?

You’ve found the complexion unicorn: your skin is naturally balanced in oil, moisture, and blood flow. This makes it even and relatively low maintenance.

Traits of normal skin type:

  • Normal skin types look even, with no visible pores, and few irregularities like pimples or blackheads.
  • It has that sought-after dewy radiance without being greasy.
  • Normal skin feels soft and smooth all over.

Despite its seemingly ‘ideal’ nature, normal skin still needs a solid skincare regime to stay healthy and prevent ageing. Go for a PH-balanced cleanser, toners, and SPF. Throw in extra products as needed or for age-prevention.

Skincare for my skin type— Prime and Defend by Société. This makeup primer protects your even skin from UV radiation and pollution stress as well as adding that extra bit of matte resistance to your look.

Do I have a combination skin type?

If you have a combination skin type, you could have an assortment of two (or sometimes, even three) skin types we’ve explored. For example, your skin could be oily in the T-zone and normal or dry elsewhere.

If it comes to that, you should combine product regimes to suit each zone (cue multimasking, the darling of the in-crowd). Maybe it’s more labour-intensive— but your combination skin is worth it!

Whatever your skin type is, using the right skincare every day will get you that healthy, dewy glow. Don’t know where to start? Check the box for your skin type on our store and get to know the best ingredients for you!

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