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What’s in the Yoni Potion by Beauty Tofu

In the last few months, yoni care (or, as some brave souls name it, V-care) has made a dramatic entrance. From top-tier celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow to several Instagram-based small businesses, the innovations (or rediscoveries?) in this area have been dazzling. Kegel devices that track your progress via an app (like cult favourite Elvie), hand-carved moon benches to perform steam cleanses, K-beauty intimate cosmetics, you name it. There’s something for everyone. But what about cosmeceutical, holistic yoni care? We’ve got news for you— Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion is in, and it’s fan-tas-tic. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.


What Is Yoni Care? 

In the ancient Indian tradition, yoni refers not only to the biological female genitalia but also to a divine being. Shakti, the great Goddess and source of the Universe, is often depicted as a yoni. And, as every woman’s yoni is connected to the essence of the Goddess, it means she’s linked to that same fierce, creative power. In this spiritual perspective, the yoni is a sacred place that makes magic happen and transmutes emotion into wisdom.

But the benefits of yoni care aren’t just to be lived in some ethereal spiritual level. To the contrary, both the traditional wisdom and the new approach are holistic. That is— they take you as a connected whole. Physical wellness and pleasure, mental health and confidence, an empowering spirituality: they’re all part of what it means to care for your yoni. As for the body, pleasure and health are best friends. By 2019, it’s almost redundant to say it: you deserve pleasure and a healthy, enjoyable sex life. Yoni care is all about finding what makes you feel good and enjoying your own body. It’s also about getting to know it.

When you know what your body looks and feels like on a day-to-day basis, you’ll notice if something is wrong. The result: you’re able to act fast and stay happy and healthy. Getting familiar with your sacred yoni also has an impact on your mental health and relationships. Tania Boler, women’s health pro and creator of Elvie (above!), said to Vogue that ‘Women ultimately enjoy more self-confidence and a greater sense of control’.

The verdict: Yoni care is an all-around win!

The Newest: Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion

The health of the skin, pH levels and balance of your yoni is a delicate issue. Now, when we say we love the Yoni Potion by Beauty Tofu, we mean it. This is the new favourite yoni serum and female first aid.

Don’t quite believe it yet? Let’s break down the benefits:

  • Hydration, hydration, hydration! This serum replenishes your natural healthy moisture, making it great for gals suffering from dryness. Also, the perfect aid for the unruly changes of menopause.
  • It’s ayurvedic— that means it was created under the healing tradition of ancient India. The key concept of Ayurveda is health as the balance of the energies in your body. Yoni Potion embraces that: with ingredients both soothing and energizing, it works to create equilibrium in your sacred temple.
  • Smart, clean, and green: Wanna use it internally as well as externally? You’re all good, it’s completely clean, free of chemicals, and created with a scientific combination of natural elements to give you results + peace of mind.
  • Super nourishing, Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion is loaded up with vitamins and rich natural oils (like the hemp oil that’s creating a revolution among nature-conscious Aussie trendsetters).
  • A first-aid must-have. This serum isn’t just for show. Besides helping with everyday dryness, Yoni Potion can help you heal tears or UTIs and provide extra lubrication during your Moon cycle, especially if you use tampons.
  • Passion and pleasure: Because of its stimulating natural ingredients and luscious texture, it’s perfect for pleasure and exploration, alone or with a partner. Enjoy.

Wellness And Energy – The Ingredients

We said all the ingredients are clean, natural, and nourishing. Let’s dive even deeper— what are the benefits of each element? Why are they important?

  • Guarana: Not only is this plant antioxidant and relaxing— it also gives you antibacterial power to help heal and prevent infections (perfect ally if you have recurrent UTIs). Plus, it’s energising and will boost your sex drive and enjoyment. Win-win.
  • A nutritious vitamin complex: packing vitamins A, C, D, E, B1 and B2, this is a nutrient boost that your skin and body will love. It helps with tissue health and regeneration
  • Hemp oil: From the seeds of Cannabis Sativa, this oil brings down inflammation and maximises pleasure. It’s been shown to help with pain relief, a godsend to guide you through the cramp-laden part of your Moon cycle.
  • Bilberry extract: Strongest ally to prevent UTIs (urinary tract infections) that you could wish for!
  • Manuka & Sweet Orange: These plant-sourced oils bring you extra antibacterial protection + improved blood flow to your lady bits, and soothe inflammation with balance.

How Do You Use Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion?

All well and good— but how do you use this yoni ally? It’s actually pretty simple: go with your intuition. A woman’s yoni is the house of her intuitive, creative power. Learning to tend to your own intimate needs is a way of honouring that deeper nature. You can apply the Yoni Potion by Beauty Tofu every day and renew it generously whenever you feel dryness or discomfort. If you’re experiencing menopause, don’t skimp on this hydrating yoni serum!

Pregnant and postpartum ladies— use this natural ally as needed to heal any tears caused by birthing or to nourish your temple in preparation for it.

And, by all means, use Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion to find pleasure and explore the power of your body. Best way to get to know yourself, stay healthy and become more confident (if you ask us). If you choose to use this serum with a partner, get ready to create a deeper, more intense connection. You deserve it all!

Last Words: Is The Yoni Potion By Beauty Tofu Right For You?

We advocate consuming responsibly and buying what you really need. The Yoni Potion is the best choice for you if:

  • You experience vaginal dryness or simply want to enjoy more hydration.
  • You need special, loving care through the transformative stages of pregnancy, postpartum, or menopause.
  • You want to discover your own body and pleasure, or fuel passion with a lover.
  • You want to heal and prevent health concerns like UTIs, tears, and vaginal infections of all kinds. 

In the end, what matters is that we learn to listen to our bodies— to our sacred yoni temples— and give them what they need. Pleasure and embodiment pave the path to empowerment and growth. And we believe Beauty Tofu’s Yoni Potion is the guide showing us the way.

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