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Your Complete Guide To Skin Ageing

I’m Cool With Ageing.

All skin is beautiful, the passage of time just a testament to a life lived well. Gravity pulls, folds appear, lines deepen… It’s a natural process that every human goes through. Our fate, if you will. Destiny. Providence. And still— finding a seemingly brand-new wrinkle in the mirror this morning had me listing everything I know about the ageing process. What is ageing? What causes skin ageing? Gee— what are the stages of skin ageing? And, most importantly, what are the best treatments and best anti ageing products to bring back my glowy skin? Goodness.

Enough dilly-dallying. Let’s dive in.

The Basics—  What Is Skin Ageing?

The first thing to know is this: what causes skin ageing? Let’s take a look at the root of the issue so you can target it effectively. Beauty starts within. So does the ageing process: there are internal factors that dictate what happens with your skin as well as when it happens. Essentially, your cells’ production of collagen (keeps your skin’s structure strong) and elastin (the bounce-back factor) decrease dramatically. Your natural levels of surface hyaluronic acid also take a blow, meaning you get sagging. These changes also mean it gets harder for your complexion to replace older, damaged cells. Skin aged from the inside feels thin, dry, and finely wrinkled.

That’s not all, though! External factors, aka environmental stressors, are also a thing. Smoking destroys elastin and collagen, speeding up the process. Photodamage (or sun damage) is possibly the greatest culprit: it dramatically damages the fibres of collagen and the overall structure of the cells (cue wrinkling). Pollution and stress also have a hand in aging that sweet, lovely complexion. Skin that has had a lot of external aging can feel thickened, rough, and dull. Deep wrinkles, sagging, and pigmentation spots also set up camp.

The in-depth science (for research-loving babes): Skin anti-aging strategies.

Stages Of Skin Ageing—Where Are You Now?

Not all ageing is the same. Different stages of life mean different internal processes. Also, the longer you’ve been exposed to an external ageing factor, the more damage your skin will have. Why is your stage of skin ageing important? Because it defines your main concerns to target, as well as the smartest way to use active skincare ingredients for skin ageing. Let’s strategise!

20’s — Faint Expression Lines Appear & Sun Exposure Starts To Take A Toll

If you’re under 25, Dr Van Park suggests not getting lured down the heavyweight skincare hole just yet (looking at you, retinol & chemical peels). Anti-ageing skincare in your 20’s is all about sunscreen and light moisturising (maybe you’re still getting acne?). Gotta keep that skin glowing!

30’s — More Defined Lines, Dullness, & Small Pigmentation Spots

Deal with these issues with light oils and bring in the Retinol. To nip pigmentation and visible blood vessels in the bud: laser or chemical peel. (Curious and craving more juicy info about pigmentation and targeted treatments for pigmented and ageing skin?)

40’s — Wrinkles, Deep Lines, & Sun Damage Show Up 

If you skimped on the SPF before, it’ll definitely show now. Smoking will make lines appear on your upper lip. Crow’s feet, brow wrinkles, & friends get more intense. Chill. We’ll use night creams, antioxidants, and swanky new treatments like Fraxel and injectables.

50’s, To Infinity & Beyond! — Loss Of Volume, Sagging, Dry Skin, & Deep Wrinkles.

Took care of your skin before? Great, keep it up! If you didn’t, you’ll lose collagen and elastin big time, which makes skin sag. Hormonal changes dry up your skin and make wrinkles pop. Target this with high-powered moisturising, frequent Retinol, tightening with radiofrequency, and all the advanced treatments your heart desires.

How To Fight Ageing Like A Pro

A good, long-term antiageing strategy is holistic integrating a healthy diet and wellness to your active skincare routine. And thankfully, we live in an age that makes it easy to have an anti ageing skincare routine without breaking the bank or spending all day soaking in a donkey milk bath like Cleopatra. That’s some serious dedication right there. This is anti ageing made simple— the top anti ageing tips and tricks of our experts and the best anti ageing products to help you take your skin to the next level.


The Facts: In a cult interview with Byrdie, skin goddess Cate Blanchett spilled her secrets: sleep, stress management, exfoliation. We know that cell turnover (shedding the dull, dead layers) is key to a glowing complexion, and also that it slows down with age. Like iconic esthetician Renée Rouleau said to Marie Claire, ‘By removing dry skin cells, you make way for new, healthy, and plump skin cells’.

Our Pick:

Caviar Lime Brightening Serum by Eight Brook is full of botanical goodies like Caviar Lime, Kiwi Fruit, and Mountain Pepper— and it isn’t just for show. These powerful ingredients deliver BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) and active enzymes to jumpstart the production of your new cells. Also? It’s a gentle serum that calms an irritated complexion even as it chips away at the old stuff.

Pore Refining Scrub by Medik8 double teams your exfoliation. The natural Mandelic and Salicylic Acids break down debris and dead skin cells on the chemical level. Eco-friendly jojoba beads take care of gently scrubbing and refining the surface of your skin. Honestly? It doesn’t get any more complete than this.

Defy by Cosmedix is the ultimate all-in-one exfoliant that nourishes (hey, olive oil & aloe vera!) right as it polishes. So, if besides targeting ageing, you want to address problem skin and pigmentation, this chirally correct, AHA-packed treatment is for you.

Ultimate Luminous Skin Pack by Beauty Tofu promises to leave your skin glowing, dewy and exfoliated without stripping the skin. The 3 in 1 Vitamin C by Beauty Tofu cream contains organic grounded walnuts and hibiscus grains to naturally and gently buff and polishes the skin. Besides from giving your skin a glowing finish, it contains lemon myrtle and manuka oil to help support the ageing process naturally. What is Beauty Tofu? Beauty Tofu is an Ayurvedic Cosmeceutical range. 


The Facts: It’s a given— ageing skin gradually loses the ability to make hyaluronic acid and collagen. Vitamin A (in the form of Retinol) jumpstarts the production at the cellular level, giving you a plump & youthful vibe. It also clears up pigmentation spots and smooths over lines. It’s kinda the Holy Grail of age management.

Our Pick:

Cloudberry Revitalising Serum by Eight Brook packs natural and gentle retinoate the more bio-available (effective!) and loving form of Vitamin A that won’t irritate sensitive skin. This retinol serum is all about conditioning age-damaged skin to be its most supple, hydrated, and exfoliation-renewed self.

Retinol 3 TR by Medik8 is the go-to for techy babes: its unique Time Release mechanism for controlling Retinol is designed to work with your own natural regeneration cycles. Put it on at night (layering with your fave nourishing oil for extra snazz) and relax— your radiance will shine through in the morning!

Define by Cosmedix Define by Cosmedix is targeted at minimising ageing and prematurely ageing in your skin. That means banishing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as little imperfections or an uneven skin tone. And it’s not just a cosmetic— as a super-advanced cosmeceutical, this anti-age serum targets the deep structures of your skin to create a glow from the inside out. (To know the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, click HERE!)

Vitamin C

The Facts: Vogue-worthy skin expert Melanie Grant says Vitamin C is ‘a great multitasker that brightens pigment, evens out skin tone, firms and protects the skin against free radical damage.’ This antioxidant ingredient wins at transforming ageing skin.

Our Pick:

Skinfood4 Vitamin Serum by Organic Nations focuses on healing sun-damaged, lined, and wrinkling skin. The firming and evening effect of the Vitamin C is supported by other rich nutrients, Vitamin A and Niacinamide, that help rebuilds the very structure of your skin. And a healthy matrix structure means your complexion will keep creating healthy, new cells!

Superactive7 Serum by Organic Nations is the ultimate age-defense-and-prevention serum. The naturally-sourced Vitamin C present in its Kakadu Plum protects your complexion from external stress and helps it keep its structure sound. Also gives you nutritious peptides to renew the skin from the inside. This serum will lift and smooth. A must try.

C Tetra Vitamin Day Cream by Medik8, with an advanced & easy-to-absorb form of Vitamin C, this day cream is an everyday ally for ageing skin. It’ll brighten and protect you throughout your day, even as it works to even out your pigmentation damage and plump you up with luscious hydration. Win-win, huh?

Vitamin C Spritz by Beauty Tofu is a blessing for on-the-go free spirits. Instead of constantly reapplying your favourite (but inconvenient) Vitamin C skincare, you can use this hydration mist to get all its anti-ageing benefits. This is a double-loaded Vitamin C spritz you can just apply whenever the mood strikes— it works to gradually fill in fine lines and prevent any more damage from harming your pretty (and now super fresh) skin.

Ultimate Vitmain C Dream Team Pack by Beauty Tofu is for anyone wanting more of a natural approach to supporting the ageing process and skin concerns. Beauty Tofu’s VITAMIN C DREAM TEAM PACK includes Vitamin C Hydration Mist, Vitamin C Cream & Vitamin C 3n1. The action-packed dream team is abundant with Ayurvedic Cosmeceutical grade vitamin C sourced from ingredients like Hibiscus flower extract which is a powerhouse ingredient with more antioxidant power than BHAs! This natural extract teams up with the bioavailable Vitamin C to form a shield against oxidation ageing. 

Sun Protection

The facts: Jess Blanch, fab Editor-in-chief of RUSSH Magazine, wrote a letter to her 20-yo self. Our main takeaway? ‘Listen when your Mum tells you to get out of the sun, you will have freckles to prove this’. We all know sun protection is perhaps the most important factor in managing your skin’s ageing process. Sun damage will deteriorate a fresh complexion before its time, and it can have potentially health-threatening effects. These anti ageing sun shields make it easy for you.

Our Pick:

Hydrate + by Cosmedix is antiageing sun protection for the most sensitive skin. If your complexion acts up with heavy, aggressive SPF, you’ll love this Cosmedix Hydrate+. Its formulation is based on zinc, a natural mineral that absorbs UV before it even hits your skin. To keep your complexion happy, this gets paired with the juiciest ingredients— antioxidants (like Vitamin E) that slow down the ageing process and botanical allies (like Jojoba) to lock hydration in while you’re out and about.

Envirostat SPF 50+ by Aspect Gold is your best bet when you need heavy-duty protection that still feels (and smells) great. Though it withstands 4 hours (and water as well), you won’t even notice it. Lightweight, non-greasy, absolutely-non-sticky, this SPF even undoes ageing sun damage thanks to its Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Truly, a lifesaver.

Even Up by Colorescience gets your pigmentation under control instantly. It corrects and tints sun spots, acting as a light, shielding foundation. It’s a fact of life that undoing years of ageing and sun damage takes time, but this one 20+ SPF gets your skin looking radiant and smooth right now— even as it protects it from any more harmful UV.

It’s not just about what you put on your skin: you’ve gotta treat yourself right. Rest, balanced nutrition, and me-time are the foundations of anti ageing. When your whole body and soul are in alignment, you’re letting your fabulous anti ageing skincare products do their full job. 

Remember, use smart cosmeceuticals with active ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol, and LOVE YOURSELF HARD — you’re an absolute powerhouse. Head over to the SHOP to see all your anti ageing skincare options, or tell us about your anti ageing skincare routine in the comments!

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