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Your Ultimate Guide to Nutrition for Glowing Skin

Part One: Winter Skin

Do you know how some animals, like the Arctic fox, swap their summer skins and fursfor fluffier winter ones? Yes? Well, that’s not really what happens to humans. We inhabit the same skin day in and day out, in all seasons. However, chilly weatheraffects us too! Have you felt your complexion dry up and become dull or flaky in the colder months?


It only makes sense to take a more intensive approach to skincare when you actually need it most, right? So, the bright side is that you can take the most demanding part of the year as a challenge: an opportunity to bring your skincare practice to its optimal level.


The toils and troubles of winter skin

Winter gets us all scurrying for warmth and comfort. But it doesn’t just make your hands  and feet cold and cause you to borrow in blankets: dry and cold winter weather tends to bring about skin concerns.

You might find that, during this time of the year, your complexion feel drier, rougher, and more scaly. This is because the cold and lack of air moisture cause the stratum corneum— the outermost layer of the skin— to lose water content as well as crucial nutrients such as fatty acids.

These effects on the skin can, if not remedied, derive in more serious issues such as eczema, xerosis, redness, or even acne (as the skin struggles to produce more sebum for moisture).


Your skin is what you eat

How can you manage the effects of winter weather and still maintain a healthy, glowing complexion? Well, good skincare is always a good idea, but the main replenishment of your skin’s nourishment and potential has to come from within.

Your diet has enormous power over your overall holistic health as well as over the state and look of your complexion. Innumerable scientific studies trace the links from the your intake of nutrients to skin condition and long-term issues such as acne or ageing.

What are the most important nutrients your winter diet needs to have in order to combat the effect of inclement weather?

  • Fats and oils: A fat-less diet is not a healthy one. Your organism needs important elements, such as fatty acids, that are found in fats and oils. The most essential fatty acid for good skin function is Omega-3. It has also been shown to help fight off those winter blues!
  • Vitamins and antioxidants: These nutrients are crucial to the protection of cell structure, function, and turnover. Antioxidants found in Vitamins have anti aging effects, as they aid in collagen production and maintenance as well as acting to capture damaging free radicals.
  • Protein: The intake of healthy protein is important because it helps build new collagen. This is the element that keeps skin elastic and youthful.
  • Water forever: Drinking enough water is essential in every season. In winter, though, as the skin gets more dehydrated, it becomes Priority Number One!


Foods to give your skin some love

Make sure to add these ingredients to your regular diet. This way, you’ll have a supply of the healthy nutrients above and will take your next step towards achieving a glowing winter complexion!

  • Primrose Oil: Contains a high content of fatty acids (Omega-6) that promote skin repair.
  • Flaxseed Oil: Scientists have shown that this oil helps smooth out scaling and roughness of the skin, preventing further water loss.
  • Avocados: These beauties are rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E. Healing and antioxidant all-around!
  • Sweet Potatoes: Eat these to increase your dose of B-carotene, a nutrient that acts as a potent antioxidant.
  • Spinach: Its carotenoids lower inflammation, boost immunity, and protect your skin from harm.
  • Sauerkraut: Fermented food, such as very healthy cabbage, are probiotics. They have healing effects on the skin via a special way— they balance your gut and immune system. From the inside out!
  • Cumin: This spice has many properties. It works as an antioxidant, an analgesic, and an antimicrobial. All these functions make it a great addition to your everyday diet.
  • Turmeric: It is used as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiinflammatory, and research has shown it improves skin health.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon in your favourite beverage? Great! It lowers blood sugar, which is one of the big culprits in acne breakouts (looking at you, wily sugar- triggered androgen hormones).
  • Almonds and Organic Coconut Oil: These foods are good for supporting the barrier function of the skin, and to add an extra boost of hydration!
  • Wild fish: Contains both collagen-rich protein and good fatty acids. If you eat meat, try salmon or mackerel this week.


Supplement your healthy body

Even if you are trying hard to get all your good nutrients in, it might not always be enough— especially in the depths of winter. We seriously recommend throwing nutritional supplements into the mix.

A supplement is a natural product that adds more nutritional value to your diet. It isn’t cheating: it optimizes your body’s own processes and functions to enhance your overall health and wellbeing.

Here are our favourite Miss Vitality supplements to support your skin during the winter. They are not any sort of “miracle cure”: you’ll still need to eat a balanced diet and lifestyle, as well as be good with your skincare. What these supplements will do, though, is kick the results of your efforts to the next level. If you love your body and give it the
nutrients it needs, it will show on your skin.

Good Oil is an Omega-3s bombshell! It contains pharmaceutical-grade, bio-available fatty acids from Nordic waters fish. This oil increases the oxygen and elasticity in your skin layers, balances hormone levels, and drives parched skin’s moisture levels up. Use one to three a day, after meals.

Do your immune system and skin need an extra boost? Illumination Formula contains high-quality, active ingredients such as Selenium (detoxifying and antioxidant), Chromium (balances blood sugar and hormone levels), Vitamins B5, B6, B12 (help control stressed skin and sebum production), and Vitamin D (regulates healthy cell regeneration), among others. By using one capsule a day, you combat winter’s stressors on prematurely ageing skin, help your immune system minimise inflammation, and prevent the oxidative damage of cells.

Elevate embodies a scientifically-backed formulation that encompasses Red and Green Phytonutrients such as antioxidant Spirulina and Acai Berry, detoxifying Wheatgrass, Vitamin C- rich Rosehips and Barley Grass, and powerfully healing Slippery Elm. Taking half a teaspoon on a daily basis, you ensure that your skin retains its healthy glow and your body its best function.

Use Curcumin Forte one to three times a day (after meals) to target muscle or joint pains and skin-related concerns such as inflammation, dry skin, oxidative free radicals, and toxic compounds. Thanks to its premium Curcumin extract, you will be able to support healthy skin cell turnover in the face of stress.

Coenzyme Q10 is a tool for skin rejuvenation. The capsules, which you should take once a day after any meal, help your body produce natural Vitamin E. This nutrient is essential to maintain cell function and integrity and reduce inflammation: perfect to provide that little extra factor to aid stressed winter skin.

Winter is coming? Now you are ready to face cold and dry weather with empowerment and knowledge. Take good care of your skin and your whole body with a holistic and mindful approach to nutrition. You have everything you need!

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